iOS 16’s Keyboard Haptics Will Affect Battery Life, Reveals Apple

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iOS 16 has introduced a plethora of new features, including the ability to customize the lock screen, background removal from photos, iMessage features, and much more. This list of iOS 16 features also includes the new keyboard haptics for vibration when you type, something third-party keyboard apps have offered. This, however, might end up taking a toll on your iPhone’s battery life.

Keyboard Haptics on iOS 16 Will Drain Your iPhone

Apple has warned about the repercussions of enabling Keyboard Haptics on iOS 16 in a recently shared support document. It is revealed that this feature might “affect the battery life of your iPhone.

However, there’s no word on how much of an effect this feature will have on the iPhone’s battery life as there are no details. Since Apple has specifically mentioned this, we expect some significant effects.

Another thing to note is that Keyboard Haptics will still work even when the Low Power Mode is on, which is sort of contradicting, given that this feature is capable of draining the battery. In case you feel the battery drainage is now quicker than usual after enabling the feature, maybe it’s time to disable it!

How to Enable Keyboard Haptics on iOS 16

If this doesn’t bother you and you wish to enable Keybaord Haptics, you are required to follow a few simple steps to get it. Check them out below.

  • Head to the Settings app.
  • Visit the Sound & Haptics section.
  • Tap the Keyboard Feedback option.
  • Now, enable either Sound, Haptics, or both.

If the keyboard fails to produce a vibration while typing despite enabling the feature, just enable the vibration by selecting the Touch option under the Accessibility Settings.

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