Intel 14th Gen Desktop CPU Lineup Specs Revealed In New Leak

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Intel’s 14th Gen desktop CPUs are yet to be released, but we do know from a previous leak that these upcoming desktop chips will be on the ‘Raptor Lake S Refresh’ architecture. And now, the full specifications of the Intel 14th Gen desktop CPU lineup have been revealed in a new leak! Let’s check out all the details.

Intel 14th Gen Desktop CPU Lineup Specifications Leaked

The leak reveals crucial data, related to the specifications of Intel’s upcoming 14th-gen desktop processor lineup. The leak comes from the hardware leaker YuuKi_AnS on X (formerly Twitter), and the original tweet has since been deleted. Still, once something makes its way to the internet, it is hard to erase it completely.

This leak revealed the entire lineup of upcoming Intel 14th-gen desktop CPUs. Now, we have specifications for everything, from the budget Core i3-14100 all the way up to the flagship Core i9-14900K. Furthermore, the price of new desktop Intel chips is expected to increase, according to this leak.

We aren’t seeing much improvement when speaking of the total core counts for these upcoming processors. Also, the leak only includes the base clock speeds. Still, we can clearly see that the i7-14700K is an exception. In this leak, the i7 desktop processor in question is said to have 8 performance cores & 12 efficiency cores.

Image Courtesy: YuuKi_AnS

That means the new i7-14700K (along with the KF, non-K, and T variants) will see an increased core count. Compared to the previous i7-13700K/ KF CPU (benchmarks here), according to this leak, the new processor will have four additional E-cores taking the core count from 16 to 20 on the upcoming Core i7 desktop processor.

The leak mentions a new Intel 300 and 3005 processor as well. These will replace the entry-level Pentium Gold & Celeron CPUs that Intel previously offered. Maybe, the era of Pentium & Celeron branding is over?

Either way, Intel is actually catering to the entry-level CPU market by planning these budget-friendly options. Still, we must keep in mind that an unofficial source provided the leaked data. Intel themselves has not yet confirmed the specifications for these processors.

There is also a potential rebranding happening for future Intel processors, where they will remove the ‘i’ from Intel Core CPU branding. These leaked specs do not reflect the name change. So, Intel could be planning to change these processor model names to reflect the new branding. If that ends up happening, Intel could denote the rumored Core i9-14900K processor as Intel Core Ultra 9 14900K.

Will Intel switch to their new branding for 14th Gen desktop processors?

We will have to wait and see what Intel brings to the table. Check out everything we know about Intel 14th Gen CPUs here. We talk about the potential release date and include the leaked benchmarks in this guide. According to leaks, we expect the 14th Gen Intel CPU lineup to feature both Meteor Lake and Raptor Lake S Refresh processors. We have explored major leaks for both the laptop and desktop CPU lineups in our detailed story.

What are your thoughts on Intel’s upcoming 14th Gen desktop processors? Let us know your thoughts on these leaked specifications in the comments below.

Featured Image Courtesy: Intel 11th Gen Core i9 Processor

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