Instagram Is Updating Threads With A Slew Of New Features; Check them out Here!

Instagram is bringing major updates to Threads

When Meta introduced Threads, it was the “next-big social media sensation,” that took the world by storm! In just five days, the app gained over 100 million subscribers, much to the dislike of Twitter. Since then, Meta is ensuring the app becomes more useful than ever by adding new features. Now, there’s a new update, which again brings a slew of features to the Twitter rival. Continue reading below to know what’s latest with Threads.

New Updates for Instagram Threads

Mark Zuckerberg, via his recent Threads post, announced three key features that are now live on the platform. You will be now able to share a Threads post directly to Instagram DM. To share, simply click on the three horizon dots beside any post and select the “Send to Instagram” option. This will redirect you to Instagram and you will be able to easily share that post with anyone you want, either individually or to multiple people at once.

Threads feature announcement by Mark Zuckerberg

Meta is finally bringing the much-desired ability to add alt text for images and videos to the platform. However, do note that this is an accessibility feature that will allow you to edit the auto-generated alt text on the platform. And now, there is also a new mention button that will make mentioning people on the platform easy for you.

Apart from this, to make Threads a truly decentralized offering to its users, Adam Mosseri, the Head of Instagram announced the ability to verify user identity on platforms like Mastodon. This means that moving forward, you will be able to use rel=me links to verify your identity on supported platforms. This has been made possible by the adoption of the interoperability capabilities of the fediverse.

These new introductions reflect their deep desire and efforts towards retaining users on the platform as well as welcoming new members. These “retention-driving hooks” are necessary since the platform has already lost a substantial amount of users in recent weeks.

And if you think that these reasons are not enough, Zuckerberg also announced a few days back that the web version of Threads is coming soon. So, what do you think of these newly introduced capabilities on Threads? Do you think these features are enough for you to stay on the platform? Do you find the app boring? Do let us know your thoughts in the comment section below.

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