This Ingenious and Affordable ‘Mod’ Solves Apple Vision Pro’s Biggest Gripe

Apple Vision Pro mod
In Short
  • Apple Vision Pro users have complained that the headset is uncomfortable to wear even with the Dual Loop band.
  • Some AVP users have come up with an ingenious mod of using CPAP machine straps to make the experience better.
  • BoboVR is also another alternative that helps users wear the headset more comfortably.

Apple Vision Pro is a remarkable piece of tech but like every other device in existence, it has certain shortcomings. As it turns out, Vision Pro is quite uncomfortable to wear, especially with the Solo Knit band. Of course, you can use the Dual Loop band that the Vision Pro accompanies but wearing the the headset still remains an unpleasant experience. This is mainly because the Dual Loop band sometimes slides off and slips out of position. But, it seems like Redditors have found themselves an ingenious and quite affordable hack to make Apple Vision Pro comfortable.

Many Vision Pro users on Reddit have said that they have bought CPAP head straps and it is better than the Dual Loop band offered by Apple. A CPAP machine is used to treat breathing-related disorders by supplying mild air pressure to ensure uninterrupted breathing while sleeping. Most CPAP machines come with a head strap to keep it in position while the wearer is sleeping.

There is a good deal of CPAP straps available on Amazon that are seemingly used as Dual Loop band alternatives. These straps can be attached directly to the Vision Pro with a bit of modding. Velcro on some of these straps are quite stretchy and the velcro is also super strong.

Who would have thought that CPAP straps could be used with Apple Vision Pro!

You can visit Amazon and search for “CPAP straps” and get any product that suits you. For just $11, you can get a head strap with an adjustable knob.

A Reddit user called it the “cleanest mod I’ve ever seen thus far“. A few other AVP users chimed in and said that they have been using CPAP straps with their Vision Pro and their experience is perfect now.

Another recommendation that popped up in the Reddit thread is the BoboVR head strap. Many users have found the BoboVR head strap accessory to be the ultimate solution to take the weight off their faces.

Seeing these genius hacks and mods, it’s time to see third-party accessory makers jump into this space. As reported by Bloomberg’s Mark Gurman, a majority of users who returned their Vision Pro complained that it is too heavy and uncomfortable to wear.

If accessory makers come up with innovative yet affordable solutions for the biggest gripe of Vision Pro, it could be a game changer.

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