India’s Prime Minister Narendra Modi Joins Instagram

Today, India’s Prime Minister Narendra Modi joined the social networking site Instagram.

Instagram is basically viewed as a hub for aspiring photographers where a lot of Bollywood stars connect with their fans through the photos they post of their everyday life.

Modi becomes the first Prime Minister of India to be a part of Instagram.

Here’s how Prime Minister Narendra Modi sent in a tweet on Twitter letting the world know that he’s joined Instagram:-

Narendra Modi’s arrival on Instagram is another example of his regular stress to interact with the public on social media. We’ll say it’s a brilliant move considering not a lot of politicians are actually a part of Instagram. Following the footsteps of Modi, a lot of politicians especially from the Bhartiya Janta Party (BJP) will become a part of Instagram as Modi has always been quite vocal on connecting to public through social media.

Here’s the first photo that India’s Prime Minister Narendra Modi posted on Instagram:-

modi instagram photo

Follow Narendra Modi on Instagram, link.

It’s time that politicians start exploring other available options on social media as well. Facebook and Twitter are fine; Instagram might just let them reach a different audience that’s still left unexplored.

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