How to Use Tab Groups in Safari on iOS 15 and iPadOS 15

If Safari extensions open a gateway of customization for Apple’s browser in iOS 15, the “Tab Groups” feature offers a better way to organize tabs on iPhone and iPad. As I have always loved using tab groups in Chrome, it’s one of those iOS 15 features that did not take long to catch my attention. By creating several different tab groups, I find it more convenient to access my favorite sites that cater to different topics like entertainment, technology, news, and more. If you also wish to learn about this all-new feature, let me teach you how to use tab groups in Safari on iOS 15 and iPadOS 15.

Use Safari Tab Groups in iOS 15 on iPhone and iPad (2021)

To better manage different needs, you can create multiple Safari tab groups on your iPhone or iPad running iOS 15. For a more personalized experience, you can name each one of your tab groups and arrange them in the desired order.

Thanks to seamless iCloud syncing, all of your custom tab groups will sync across your devices, including iPhone, iPad, and Mac connected using the same account. Add to that the ever-reliable Handoff feature, and you can pick up from where you left off on any other Apple devices without losing your Focus.

Create a Tab Group in Safari on iPhone and iPad

Making a Safari tab group on iOS 15 is as easy as it can ever get, only if you know where it all starts. And that’s

  1. To get going, launch Safari on your iPhone or iPad.
Open Safari on iPhone or iPad

2. Now, tap on the tab button (looks like cascading squares) located at the bottom right corner of the screen.

3. Next, tap the “X Tabs” button with a downward arrow in the middle to access the tab groups menu.

4. Next up, tap on the “New Empty Tab Group” option.

5. Up next, give your tab group a suitable name and tap Save to finish.

That’s it! Your all-new Safari tab group is ready. Any new tabs, including the private ones, will open in this tab group until you decide to switch it up.

Rearrange Safari Tab Groups in iOS 15 and iPadOS 15

Notably, you can also reorder tab groups in Safari so that they appear in line with your needs. And the steps to do so are very simple.

  1. Launch Safari on your iOS or iPadOS device and tap the tabs button.

2. Next, tap the name of the tab group in the middle at the bottom.

3. Next up, tap the “Edit” option at the top left corner of the pop-up window. After that, touch and hold the three horizontal lines located next to a tab group and drag it to the desired spot. In the end, make sure to tap “Done” to confirm the changes.

Rearrange Tabs in Safari Tab Groups on iOS or iPadOS 15

Safari also lets you rearrange your tabs in a tab group by title or website so that finding specific websites remains a hassle-free affair. Follow the steps below to learn how it works.

  1. Launch Safari and tap the tabs button at the bottom left.

2. Now, go ahead and reorder the tabs. Touch and hold a tab and then drag it to the desired spot in the Safari tab group on your iOS 15 device.

Note: If you want to reorder the tabs of a different tab group, tap the name of the tab group located at the bottom center. After that, choose the tab group whose tabs you want to rearrange. 

3. Interestingly, you can also arrange Safari tabs by title or website. To get it done, long-press on any tab thumbnail and then choose the “Arrange Tabs By Title” or “Arrange Tabs By Website” option.

Move a Tab to Another Safari Tab Group on iPhone and iPad

  1. Open Safari and tap the tabs button at the bottom right corner. Alternately, you can also swipe up on the search bar to bring up all the tabs.

2. Now, long-press on a tab and then choose Move to Tab Group. After that, select the preferred tab group you want to move it to, and you are good to go!

Rename a Safari Tab Group in iOS 15 and iPadOS 15

  1. Head over to Safari -> tabs button and then tap the name of the tab group at the bottom to access your custom tab groups.

2. Now, swipe left on a tab group’s name and tap on the “pencil” icon. After that, enter the new name of the tab group and tap Save to finish.

NoteThere are multiple ways to rename a Safari tab group. You can also tap the Edit button and then tap the tiny circle with three dots next to a tab group. After that, tap “Rename” in the pop-up menu. Besides, you can long-press on a tab group and choose Rename in the pop-up. 

Close All Tabs of a Safari Tab Group in iOS 15

  1. Open Safari and long-press the tabs button at the bottom right corner.

2. Now, tap on the Close All “X” Tabs option. After that, tap Close All “X” Tabs again in the pop-up to confirm your action.

Pro Tips:

  • Alternately, you can tap the tabs button and then long-press on any open tab. After that, select “Close Other Tabs” to close all the tabs in the tab group except this one. 
  • Besides, you can tap the tabs button (or swipe up on the search bar) and then long-press on the Done to reveal the Close All “X” Tabs option. 
  • iOS 15 also offers a way to close all Safari tabs automatically. Head over to Settings -> Safari -> Close Tabs and then select the preferred time after which you want the tabs to be closed automatically. 

How to Delete a Safari Tab Group on iPhone and iPad

If you no longer have use for a Safari tab group, you can delete it with ease. Bear in mind that when you delete a tab group, all of its open tabs will be closed automatically.

  1. Launch Safari and hit the tabs button. After that, tap on the name of the tab group at the bottom center to view a complete list of groups.

2. Now, touch and hold a tab group and choose “Delete” in the pop-up menu. Also, you can also swipe towards the left on a tab group and then tap on the red trash button.

3. Now, a pop-up will appear, warning you that all of its tabs will be closed immediately. Tap “Delete” to confirm the action.

Tips to Use Safari Tab Groups on iPhone and iPad Like a Pro

That’s all there is to it! From what I can tell after giving Safari tab groups a try in iOS 15, most folks will love this nifty new feature. Keeping all the tabs organized and easily accessible, tab groups allow you to browse the web with complete peace of mind. And that’s what makes it one of the most appreciable iOS 15 features. So, what do you have to say about iOS 15, and more importantly, has it been able to live up to your expectations? Make sure to share your thoughts in the comments section below.

Comments 5
  • Ann says:

    The tabs group doesn’t do it for me. I want to restore my tabs to the menu bar but I find it cant be done. I read that I can delete the tab groups but that also eliminates all the tabs in that group. I should be able to undo what I don’t like. Im not impressed and I’m not happy.

  • Steve says:

    I’m enjoying iOS 15 and think I will enjoy the tab group option. However, I do not like the layout of the tabs within the group as individual tabs are microscopic!! I’d prefer the view of the prior iOS with teledex-style view. I could easily scroll thru the tabs and select which tab I wanted to access.

    • Jeffy says:

      Don’t you just LOVE how Apple unilaterally takes away the stuff you used to prefer and replaces it with choices you didn’t want to make?

  • Solange Aniekwu says:

    How can I revert the “arrange by website/title” feature? I want my tabs arranged by when I open then and I can’t change it back.

    • Jeffy says:

      Same here! I accidentally discovered the arrange-by-website feature, but now when I tap a link and it opens, it’s up somewhere in the unknown middle of a huge number of tabs that I keep open—and there doesn’t seem to be any way to revert to the original arrangement! Typical of Apple to not have all the bases covered.

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