Fortnite Impostors Mode: How to Play and Win as an Agent or Impostor

Social deception games have been on the rise for a while now. Trapped in their homes with nothing to do, gamers are building new friendships and destroying old ones. You might have heard of Among Us and its insane popularity on the scene. However, if you are tired of games like Among Us, we have something new for you. Fortnite has rolled out its very own Among Us-like game mode built on the same concept. Titled Fortnite Impostors, it is a limited-time mode and focuses on the same level of deception. We tried it, and it’s lots of fun. However, chances are you have only just heard about it. So here’s all you need to know about Fortnite Impostors before you jump into a game and deceive everyone.

Fortnite Impostors: Everything You Need to Know (2021)

Fornite Impostors is an easy-to-understand yet insanely fun game mode. However, if you already have some knowledge about it and want to know about a specific thing, use the table below to get to it.

What Is the Fortnite Impostors Game Mode?

Fortnite Impostors is Fortnite’s latest game mode added to an already exciting season. Based on the concept of social deception and interrogation, Fortnite Impostors is Epic Game’s attempt at offering an experience like Among Us. Based on a similar cloak and dagger approach, Fortnite Impostors throws up to 10 players on a single map and divides them into two groups.

The divided groups comprise of, you guessed it, Impostors and Agents. While 8 out of 10 players will be Agents, the remaining 2 will be Impostors. The main goal of Fortnite Impostors is for each side to win (be it by eliminating all Agents, weeding out Impostors, or completing tasks before the timer runs out). Like Among Us, this game mode also has a voting system where players can bring up their accusations, questions, facts, and more.

We played a few rounds of Fortnite Impostors, and safe to say, it’s extremely fun. Keep reading to see some footage we recorded.

How Long Is The Fortnite Impostors Game Mode Available For?

Unfortunately, Fortnite Impostors is a limited-time event. However, Epic Games has not provided a definite timeline for when it will end. But based on our assumptions, you can expect Fortnite Impostors game mode to be available for at least a week. Furthermore, if enough people like this game mode, which we strongly suspect they will, its availability might be extended to a couple more weeks.

Is Fornite Impostors LTM Free?

Yes, it is. Like Fortnite’s essential gameplay, Fortnite Impostors is another game mode that is available to play for free. You can access it from the main menu itself and jump right into a game without having to pay anything.

How to Play Fortnite Impostors

As explained above, Fortnite Impostors is played in a similar style as Among Us, albeit with other elements added into the mix. The group of 10 players, while divided into two sides, has different motives. While an Impostor must strive to eliminate Agents, who are greater in body count, the Agents must find and weed out the Impostors. As easy as this sounds, it’s really not.

Fortnite Impostors Stealth

Impostors must be very stealthy and eliminate at least 6 agents to nullify voting. The elimination is super quick but must be done out of sight to avoid a confrontation. Once an Impostor kills an Agent, the latter leaves behind a fragment on the map that is visible to all players. Agents (or Impostors) can then report this fragment to start a discussion. The discussion happens at the central point on the map. Impostors cannot hide this fragment and must run away. However, if you want to lead the Agents astray, you can self-report the fragments and confuse them all.

On the other hand, the Agents are responsible for completing various tasks around the map known as “The Bridge“. It is the first new map added to Fortnite since the original battle royale one. Agents earn XP and make progress towards winning by completing tasks. But, they must also watch their back as an Impostor might be right around the corner.

A match of Fortnite Impostors ends based on the following conditions:

  • When all Impostors are identified and kicked out, resulting in a win for the Agents
  • When enough Agents are eliminated, resulting in a win for Impostors
  • If Agents complete enough assignments to win before Impostors eliminate everyone on the map. The Agents win in this scenario.

Discussion Panel

Fortnite Impostors discussion phase

The discussion phase in Fortnite Impostors mode happens when someone discovers a fragment or calls for a forced discussion. Then, players are taken to the main area of the map, which is the circular bridge, as shown above. They can partake in an intense text-based discussion (for up to 120 seconds) revolving around any player.

Interestingly, Fortnite has opted for a text-based chat over voice interaction, which is okay. Here, you can bring up pre-determined prompts. You can hold the LB button on the Xbox Controller to bring up the four different dialogue areas for chatting. Players can use the options below:

  • Facts: #8 was doing assignments, I found #7’s Fragment, I am skipping vote, and more.
  • Accusations: I saw #7 eliminate #9, I disagree with #8, I don’t trust #1 and more.
  • Question: Who are we voting out?, where was #1, Who was with #8, and more.
  • Defensive: I Trust #3, #5 is innocent, and more.

Fortnite Impostors chat options

Try not to get defensive, though, as you will be digging yourself a deeper hole. You can vote for the person you are targeting or simply abstain. The player who gets the majority of votes is kicked out, and the other players then learn if they were an Impostor or Agent. While you can hop on a Discord call with your friend, we advise sticking to the game for more fun. If you are an Among Us player and looking for new friends to enjoy the game, hop into one of these best Among Us Discord servers.

Can I Choose to Be an Impostor or Agent?

Unfortunately, the answer is no. You cannot choose to be an Agent or Impostor. The new Fortnite Impostors mode randomly picks 2 agents from the pile of 10. While you have no control if you will be an Impostor or an Agent, we recommend you stick to the game and play it out instead of quitting. Either side is fun to play, and you will learn new tactics.

How to Play and Win as an Impostor in Fortnite Impostors

Being an Impostor in Fortnite requires a deadly combination of stealth and deceit. While I know you will want to kill everyone right then and there, the name of the game here is patience. You will need to eliminate the Agents without getting caught. Every time an Impostor eliminates an Agent, they get a 30 seconds cooldown, just like Among Us, so you can’t button spam and kill everyone.

The simplest way you can go about eliminating someone is to follow a process. Firstly, pick out a player and mark their number in your head. Then, follow them sneakily across the map until they get to an assignment. Once you find an opportune moment when they are alone or busy finishing their task, go up behind them and press the Eliminate button (R2 on Xbox Controller).

Once done, run away as fast as you can and make yourself look innocent by blending in and pretending to do tasks. As you saw above, I managed to get 2 Agents before I was voted out. However, my partner helped and together we won the match.

While this sounds easy, it requires one to improvise as the moment comes. Since the possibility of an enemy Agent walking in while you are killing someone is likely, you will need to make up excuses or hide. There are no vents in Fortnite Impostors mode, but it could be a great idea to call a “Peely Party” after an elimination to turn everyone into a banana and blend with the crowd.

List of Impostor Abilities

As Impostors, players get three special abilities they can use to sow chaos and kill the agents. These abilities have a 50-second countdown. The abilities are:

  • Peely Party: This ability changes every player’s skin and makes them look like the Fortnite Mascot Peely for 30 seconds. The lack of skin and any markers means the Impostor can easily blend in and run away, and they won’t easily be identified since everyone will look the same.
  • Disable Assignments: Since most Agents will stick together, this move could be a game-changer for you as an Impostor. It disables all the Agent assignments across the map. Agents will then need to reset power boxes to get them back up. It grants you, an Impostor, a short time to eliminate a straggler or two.
  • Teleportation: True to its name, teleportation breaks up all the agents and scatters them around random locations on the map. Perfect for when you want to get someone alone to eliminate.

While it certainly won’t be easy trying to eliminate so many Agents, if you and your fellow Impostor keep your wits about you and use all these powers to your advantage, it can be done.

How to Play and Win as an Agent in Fortnite Impostors

Being an Agent is simpler, and actually, a good way to rack up XP. As an agent in Fortnite Impostors, you are tasked with completing a set of assignments on the map. There are currently as many as 21 unique assignments in Fortnite Impostors that agents can undertake. They range from something as easy as ordering lunch and taking it somewhere to repairing the BattleBus.

Agent Tasks

Assignments will be marked by a yellow exclamation point on the minimap at the bottom right corner. Completing these assignments will grant Agent XP and get you closer to winning the match. While you can hang back and not do anything, we had fun going about the map and undertaking them. Check out the gameplay above to get a feel for what’s it like.

While you are an Agent, you are always susceptible to an attack from behind, so be suspicious of everyone else around you. The best way to avoid getting eliminated is to stick with multiple people. This way, even if you are eliminated, someone will see your fragment. As you will notice, I made the mistake of being a lone wolf and paid the price. However, my elimination won us the game, so I’m happy.

Stick together, use your wits and be afraid. But, you just might come out of this alive.

Quick Tips and Tricks for Fortnite Impostors Mode

While we have already mentioned the best ways to play as either side in the Fortnite Impostors game mode, here are some quick tips for all of you to win.

Tips for Impostors in Fortnite

  • Team up – While you might like being the big bad Impostor, remember that you have a partner. Using teamwork, you can effectively narrow down and trap an agent. Plus, you can also help your partner out if you see them going for a kill.
  • Do Assignments – This seems like you might be helping them, but it’s an excellent way to blend in. If you suspect your cover is about to be blown, start doing or at least appear to be doing assignments to throw the Agents off your scent.
  • Don’t forget your abilities – As an Impostor, you have access to the list of abilities we detailed above. Use them wisely and to your advantage to turn the tide in your favor.
  • Be Patient – I cannot stress this enough. It’s easy to get lost in your goal (or your bloodlust) and off someone right there. Plan your moves out and only go for the kill when there’s surety of not getting caught.

Tips for Agents in Fortnite

  • Stick together – As an Agent, moving alone puts you at the greatest risk. Learn from my mistakes and pick a buddy or two and stick with them throughout the match. If an Impostor sees you paired up with fellow agents, there’s a high chance they will retreat.
  • Assignments – Assignments are the fastest way you can win the match before it’s even properly begun. Focus on doing the various Assignments throughout the map and finish as many as you can to win faster.
  • Hide – If you have played a shooter or two, you know about clearing corners. Well, you might not be able to attack the Impostors, but you sure can hide. An Impostor in their bloodlust might not be thorough while going through a room. If you find yourself alone, hide in a corner and you might stay alive if a threat passes by.

Eliminate or Survive in Fortnite Impostors Mode!

Fortnite Impostors is an insanely fun game mode that we hope stays for a long time. If you are a mobile gamer and want to use your Android phone to play this game mode, it’s easy to Install Fortnite without Play Store. Chromebook users can check out how to play Fornite on a Chromebook here and switch away from Among Us for a while. If you have already played this fun game mode, how was your experience with Fortnite Impostors? Let us know in the comments section below!

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