How to Password Protect PS Store Purchases on PS5

As a new PlayStation 5 user, I have been purchasing a lot of games on the console, and you’re probably doing the same. However, sometimes you might accidentally purchase a game or item. Or, if you’re living in a household with roommates or family members, there’s a chance that someone else might make a purchase from your PS account. Or maybe your kid is using the PlayStation as well and you want to ensure they don’t make purchases helter-skelter. If any of that sounds relatable to you, here is how to password protect PS Store purchases on PS5.

Password Protect PS Store Purchases on PS5

Once you add a payment method to your PlayStation account, by default you can add things to your cart from the PS Store and checkout without requiring to enter a CVV number or OTP from your bank.

This is great for seamless purchases but it does mean that pretty much anyone can buy things from your PS account on your console. That is, unless you’ve protected your user account with a PIN.

In this article we will tell you how you can require your PlayStation ID password to be entered every time you (or someone sharing your console) makes a purchase with your account.

Enable Password Protection for PS Store Purchases

It’s really simple to enable password protection for PS Store purchases on your PlayStation account. Here’s how you can do that.

  • Go to Settings -> Users and Accounts.

ps5 settings users and accounts

  • Under the Account section, select ‘Payment and Subscriptions’.

ps5 payments and subscription settings

  • Go to ‘Purchase Settings’.

ps5 purchase settings

  • You will see an option to ‘Require Password at Checkout’. Simply enable this toggle and that’s it.

enable require password to checkout ps5

Now, whenever you try to make a purchase on the PS Store, your console will ask you to enter your PlayStation Network password. This way you can ensure that only you make purchases on your console. Moreover, this is also a great way to ensure you don’t make any accidental purchases from your PS account.

Protect Your PlayStation Account from Accidental Purchases

While it’s obvious that every person in your household should have their own PSN user accounts, if you’re worried about accidental purchases, you now know how you can enable password protection for payments now.

So, have you set up password protection for payments on your PS account? Let us know in the comments. If you liked this article, also check out our other Play Station 5 articles on using the create button on PS5 and setting game presets on PS5 for a better gaming experience on this awesome console.

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  • I feel not a good feature though. I have both PS and Xbox and the good thing about Xbox is they ask CVV and OTP always before final purchase/checkout.
    The feature in PS makes it vulnerable to online hacks and payment related frauds if they get your password. Also I feel sony wants user to accidentally pay for purchases, which is kinda not a good thing for such a household brand.

    So why would I rely on third party [here PS] to help me with fast checkout and they storing up my cvv with them.

    I always remove the payment method after checkout, and also for the same reason I spend more on Xbox rather on PS…

  • I would like to have the password for using the game account be different from the password for making purchases. Is this possible? I have several grandchildren that visit and I want any of them to play any of the games I purchase. I do not want to have to purchase a game more than once so they can each play, but I am the only person allowed to spend money to buy games.

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