Instagram has today launched a new feature that allows users to share posts from their Feed directly into their Instagram Stories if they want. According to the company, this will make it a lot easier for people to share posts that are related to something they feel deeply about, or a cause they support.

While the feature is definitely cool, some people could be averse to the idea of letting anyone who follows them share their photos to his/her own Instagram Story without any consent whatsoever. For those people, I have good news — you can opt-out from letting others share your Instagram posts in their own stories, and here’s how to do it:

  • In Instagram, head over to the ‘profile’ section, and tap on the three dot menu icon on the top-right.

  • Here, tap on ‘Story settings’ to go into a menu full of everything you can customize about your Instagram Story experience.

  • At the very end of the page, you’ll see a label ‘Allow Sharing;’ simply toggle this setting to off, and no one will be allowed to share your posts into their Instagram Stories.

In case you’re okay with people sharing your posts and videos on their stories, but you’re wondering if there’s a way you can ask them to give you credit for it, well, Instagram already has that handled. Whenever you share someone else’s post on your Story, Instagram automatically includes their handle in the Story that anyone can then click on to head on over to your profile and check out more of your posts. It’s sort of a win-win in most situations.

The new feature from Instagram is definitely something I can see being used by a lot of people who’re active on Instagram for sharing things close to their hearts, or for sharing anything else that they want to share from someone else’s Instagram profile.