How to Make a Boat in LEGO Fortnite

In Short
  • It is possible to create a working boat in LEGO Fortnite using the tools available in-game.
  • However, you can only go straight, and the shortcuts available to make the boat turn don't work properly.
  • To create a boat, you need two dynamic foundations, a few thrusters, and a switch.

LEGO Fortnite is one sandbox game where you can create almost anything you can dream of. The game easily combines survival gameplay alongside cutesy aesthetics. However, like any survival game, traversal and transportation is a hassle. Fortunately, keeping the LEGO spirits alive, players can create their own transportation in-game. Today we focus on easily creating a boat in LEGO Fortnite so you can go ahead and sail away anywhere you wish. With that, let’s begin.

Can You Create a Boat in LEGO Fortnite?

The short answer to that question is yes you can. Like most stuff in LEGO Fortnite, you can create a working boat that runs on water. However, before we begin we need to gather some materials for the parts for the boat. Once that’s done, we can create a rocket-propelled boat to travel.

How to Create a Boat in LEGO Fortnite

Now, since this is LEGO, it’s all about creativity. There are many methods to create a boat in the game. However, building one here is a bit trickier than other survival games. But once you have it nailed down, you can create more easily. We’ve searched various videos and even experimented with the game to make this version. And we hope it helps you.

Before we begin, we will need some materials for some parts. These three items are vital. After that, you can decide on the complexity and beauty of the build you want to create. Gather the following items to start building your boat. In addition, you will also need Wooden Foundations and Medieval railings. However, we haven’t listed that since all you need is wood to create them.

PartsItems Required
Dynamic PlatformFlex Wood x 4
Small ThrusterWooden Rod x 1, Torch x 1, Blast Powder x 1
Activation SwitchWood x 1, Blast Powder x 1

Once you have gathered the items, follow these instructions to create a boat. We’ve referenced the build of the YouTuber SnaXx. Here’s how to build one.

  • Begin by placing a Dynamic platform on a flat surface. Build it on the sandy surface at the edge of the water. Then, place a wooden foundation 2 in the middle of the platform.
wooden platform lego fortnite
  • Once done, get six medieval railings 1 and place them around the platform. Place two at the back, and two at the front on the platform’s edge. Then, place two in the middle of the platform, using the black border as a reference. Refer to the image below.
LEGO Fortnite Railings
  • Now, use the medieval railing as a reference, and place a wooden foundation 6 in the middle of the platform. Ensure it is right beside the vertical wooden foundation we’ve previously placed. Then, hold right-click and place a wooden foundation 2 on the top of the wooden foundation. Finally, attach a small thruster to it. Refer to the image below.
Place the wooden foundation.
  • Once done, break the horizontal foundation, i.e., wooden foundation 6. This will drop the wooden foundation 2 in the gap between the railings and the wooden foundation 2. Do the same for the other side.
Break the horizontal block to progress making your LEGO Fortnite Boat
  • Now, attach two small thrusters on the back of the dynamic platform. This will help our boat to move. Ensure they are not fixed on the railings in the back. Refer to the image below.
Fix two small thrusters
  • Finally, push the boat in the water and place three activation switches on top of the boat. Place one in the middle of the boat. Place another on the left and one on the right.
Activation switch lego fortnitre

Essentially, each of the blocks individually move when you press the switch. Press the right switch to turn left, as the right block gets pushed and turns the ship. Similarly, the left switch helps you to turn your boat right. Until LEGO Fortnite adds a proper steering option, this is the best method to create a boat that can turn around.

Congratulations, you have successfully created a simple boat that you can use to cross the water. You can now put a medium chest to store items and cross waterways. This also allows you to stow numerous items across the water if you plan on building an island castle.

The finished LEGO Fortnite boat

So, let us know your thoughts about the build in the comments below. Still having problems? Drop your doubts in the comments below!

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