How to Get the Narwhal Ship in Starfield

We have already curated a list of the best spaceships in Starfield guide, and Narwhal comes out on top as one of the most useful spaceships that money can buy. It is singlehandedly one of the best ships because of its stats distribution. Narwhal has to be an all-rounder in the ship category, be it in regards to weapon systems or shields. Many gamers, including those in the comments of our ship guide, agree. However, given how vast the game is, it can become difficult or confusing to track down. So, to make that task easier for you, we have mentioned the location and all the necessary stats for the Narwhal ship in Starfield below.

How to Find the Narwhal Ship in Starfield

Getting Narwhal in Starfield is a simple process that requires you to land at one of the three major planets in the game. Follow these steps to add this spaceship to your collection:

  • Open up your Starmap by pressing the “M” key and locate the Volii star system. It is located on the bottom right of the Alpha Centauri system. Refer to the image below to find it.
The Volii Star System
  • Once you fast-travel to the Volii star system in Starfield, head to Volii Alpha and Land at Neon Core. This planet has the city of Neon, a cyberpunk-inspired settlement.
  • After you have fast-traveled to Neon Core, take a left and head straight to Ryujin Industries headquarters.
  • From here, take the elevator to Taiyo Astroneering.
  • At Taiyo Astroneering, take a right and go to the location marked in the image to meet and talk with Veronica Young. She is the ship seller at Taiyo Astroneering.
  • Talk with her, and enter the ship purchase screen. Scroll through the available options to find Narwharl in Starfield.

And there you have it. Narwhal will be in front of you to purchase and meet your spacefaring needs. Granted, if you have money. Precisely 432,560 credits. Yes, that is a lot of credit, making Narwhal one of the costliest ships in Starfield. While we haven’t tracked down anything pricier, we’d unconditionally award the costliest ship moniker to this one.

Narwhal Spaceship Stats in Starfield

Now, you would wonder why the Narwhal costs this much in the game, and what benefits do you get from paying its premium price. Well, quite a lot. The community says that Narwhal is the best Starfield ship in the game for a reason. Narwhal has the highest capacity of crew member space for any spaceship, clocking in at seven.

Additionally, Narwhal in Starfield has a high storage capacity of 1,760 cargo. And when you are not hauling items around space, it has some of the best engine and weapon systems available in-game. We are talking about maximum power output for nearly every single component on the same and left with more. Here are some detailed stats of the ship:

Ship ComponentStats
Cargo Capacity1760 (doesn’t come with Shielded Cargo)
Jump30 LY
Cost432620 credits

And that is how you get the costliest and the most all-rounder ship in Starfield. Whether you are fighting enemies or carrying minerals, Narwhal gets everything done. So, what do you think of the spaceship? Did you purchase it? If you did, what is your experience? Let us know in the comments below.

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  • Stan says:

    I bought it. After the fleet faction stuff I easily had the credits. I bought it, added some shielded cargo. Upgraded the lasers, upgraded the rail gun, also the missiles. Still has a 30 range. It absolutely destroys enemy ships now. Upgrades cost about 130k credits, so it has a lot more invested into it. Renamed it the Valhalla I.

  • Bill says:


    I have a ship that I captured really early on although I don’t know if I was supposed to.

    It’s called a Va’ruun Litany and seems not bad. I have captured a few ships now and it’s an honest living.

    The most recent one being a Ecliptic Falcata. It has a very good cargo hold and reasonable guns including automatic turrets.

    I’m flying that about space now.


  • Dingus says:

    Meh unless it’s ng+ just get the Kepler R for free and modify it a bit to be just as good or better than the Narwhal for a fraction of the price.

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