How to Get Beetroot Seeds in Minecraft

In Short
  • The easiest way to get beetroot seeds in Minecraft is to break planted beetroot seeds and fully matured beetroot plants.
  • Find beetroot seeds in structures like dungeons, mineshafts, end cities, and other locations. Wandering traders will occasionally sell these seeds too.
  • You can plant beetroot seeds and grow beetroot, feed chickens, tame parrots, and create decorative fields with them.

Most seeds are pretty straightforward to obtain in Minecraft, and no, we are not talking about these Minecraft seeds you need to visit. Instead, we are talking about seeds you can plant in your village or settlement in the game. And some seeds are just much rarer, or you need to visit a specific Minecraft biome to find them, like beetroot seeds. They are not difficult to find but may require a lot of work to get in large quantities. With that, let’s see all the ways you can get beetroot seeds in Minecraft.

Where to Find Beetroot Seeds in Minecraft

You can obtain beetroot seeds in three different ways. For easier readability, we have listed them below:

  • Breaking planted beetroot seeds and fully grown beetroot crops.
  • Finding beetroot seeds in several different structures’ chests.
  • Buying beetroot seeds occasionally from wandering traders.

Beetroot seeds generate naturally in your world inside village farms, similar to most other seeds in Minecraft. However, the percentage in which you’re expected to find beetroot seeds in village farms is far lower than other seeds. In fact, you can get beetroot seeds only in plains villages (5%) and in desert villages (20%).

Naturally generated beetroot seeds in a village farm in Minecraft

Once you find farms with beetroot seeds planted, it’s better to wait for the crop to fully mature, so you can get up to 4 beetroot seeds after breaking it.

Moreover, the fortune enchantment on a tool will significantly increase the chance of the crop dropping more seeds. On the other hand, if you break a beetroot crop that hasn’t reached the final stage, then you’ll only get one beetroot seed.

The second way of obtaining beetroot seeds includes looting the chests in some structures. Those are the following:

Finally, it’s possible to buy beetroot seeds from a wandering trader. This mob will spawn randomly near your location and may offer to sell these seeds for one emerald.

How to Use Beetroot Seeds

Now that you know how to get beetroot seeds, let’s figure out how to use them.

1. Plant Beetroot Seeds

The first and most obvious way is to plant them. You can plant beetroot seeds and grow beetroot the same way you would wheat, carrots, and potatoes. Simply hoe the dirt, right-click the farmland with beetroot seeds, and make sure it’s hydrated. After some time, the beetroot crop will fully mature, and you can harvest it to get more beetroot seeds.

2. Breed Chicken, Pigs, and More

Furthermore, since beetroot seeds are seeds, you can use them to feed and breed chickens, as well as lead them toward you in Minecraft. Also, baby chickens will grow faster if you feed them additional beetroot seeds. Apart from chickens, parrots also love beetroot seeds, similarly to wheat seeds. This means you can tame a parrot with them.

Beetroot is an item you can use to breed pigs and lead them around. Though that’s not all. You can use beetroot to breed villagers as well. Simply throw them at villagers, and they’ll pick them up. In addition, this crop can bring you emeralds if you trade them with a farmer villager job.

3. Decorative Red Field

Although there is always an option to compost the beetroot seeds if you don’t need them, you can use them in one more way. Unlike other seeds, you can create massive beautiful decorative red fields in your world, so your farms stand out.

Beetroot seeds and beetroot in item frames and beetroot seeds planted on farmland, as well as various mobs that beetroot and beetroot seeds can be used on

This has been a trend for a while now in the community, so if you are interested in having lots of gorgeous colorful fields, then definitely start farming beetroot seeds.

4. Eating Beetroot

Let’s not overlook the beetroot item itself. This is primarily a food item that restores half a hunger point (drumstick) and 1.2 saturation. It is a crafting ingredient necessary for making beetroot soup. It also provides an alternative way of crafting red dye.

And just like that, you know everything about getting and using beetroot seeds in Minecraft. With this knowledge, you’re now ready to venture far into your world and gather a lot of beetroot seeds for your projects. So don’t forget to tell us what you plan to do with beetroot seeds

Why are my beetroot seeds not growing?

Your beetroot seeds may not be growing due to the farmland not being hydrated. If this is the case, beetroot seeds will still grow but very slowly. So make sure there is a water source around. Also, if beetroot seeds don’t get enough light they won’t grow either. A light level of 9 or more is necessary for these crops to grow.

How long does beetroot take to grow?

Beetroot and other crops in the game grow based on random tick speed. So, this is pretty random. Some beetroot seeds may grow quite fast if they receive random tick updates in a short time, but some other seeds may take a while to fully mature. On average, this crop will grow in 10-30 minutes.

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