How to Get Adhesive in Starfield

Starfield, like other RPGs in its genre, has a detailed and somewhat complex crafting system. This naturally requires workbenches and, more importantly, resources. One of the most important resources in Starfield is adhesive. Used for weapon mods and outpost building, you need a lot of this stuff. However, adhesive is also one of the most difficult resources to procure in the game. Since we required a few batches ourselves, we decided to seek out the best ways to get adhesive and create a guide for you alongside it. So start up Starfield and keep reading as we show you how to quickly get or buy adhesive in the game.

How to Get Adhesive in Starfield

Adhesive by itself is a rare compound in the game. This means you cannot expect every enemy type to drop it readily. While we can buy it from certain shops, which we will detail below, let’s focus on sourcing it from plants first. However, note that you can’t just go to any planet and get adhesive because of Starfield’s procedural generation.

To simplify your job, we have identified a planet rife with plants that give you adhesive. Check out similar resource-rich planets in our list of planets to set up Outposts in Starfield. For this guide, we are visiting a planet called “Gagarin” in the Alpha Centauri System. Follow the steps below to get adhesive from it.

1. Find and land on “Gagarin” in the “Alpha Centauri” system. Make sure to pick a landing site near the swamps.

Gagarin planet starfield

2. Once you land, bring up your scanner and begin walking around. We are looking for the “Sweetwater Cactus” plant, which should be abundant. It will look like the one below. Click on the plant and harvest it to get the adhesive.

3. It will be available in the form of a root. Don’t worry, as it will act like an adhesive. Once harvested, it will go into your inventory.

You can now use this adhesive for your crafting in Starfield. Feel free to find more sweetwater cacti and follow the steps above to get more adhesive.

How to Buy Adhesive in Starfield

While getting adhesives without spending a cent sounds nice, it can get tiring quickly. If you’re the sort not to be bothered to harvest them, then you will be happy to know you can just buy adhesives in Starfield. While not widely available in every store, it is available in all major outlets. This includes Jemson Mercantile in New Atlantis. We will be using Jemson for the same since it’s the nearest. Follow the steps below to do so:

1. Head over to New Atlantis and begin walking once you have landed in the city. You’ll run into Jemson Mercantile in just a few minutes.

2. Walk inside and interact with the keeper to begin trading. Here, go through the sidebar and click on “Resources.”

3. Now hover over “Adhesive” and go over its details. Finally, click on it to buy it. If there are multiple quantities available, you will have to choose how many. It’s fairly affordable, so I suggest getting all of it. Once bought, it will simply appear in your inventory, where you can use it for crafting.

Do note that Jemson Mercantile only has 12 adhesives in a given day. So, if you want more, you will have to rest at your ship or a bench for a full day and then come back to buy some more. Nonetheless, it’s an easy and economical method to get adhesives in Starfield.

What Is Adhesive Used for in Starfield?

As mentioned above, adhesives in Starfield are generally used for crafting. More specifically, players can use adhesives to craft weapon mods through weapon benches available all throughout Starfield.

Once there, you can select a weapon and install weapon mods for various parts. A lot of weapon mods in the game require adhesives as a resource. If you don’t have enough adhesive, you won’t be able to craft your mod, making this resource all the more important.

And it’s that easy to buy adhesives in Starfield. If you still cannot find it, try your luck at all Trade Authority locations in Starfield. Found it, but out of space? Learn how to sell weapons, gear, and items in Starfield and offload some weight. So, did you end up finding adhesives in Starfield? Let us know your experience in the comments below.

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