How to Enable Voice Reporting in Fortnite

In Short
  • Epic Games introduced a new Voice Reporting feature in the recent Fortnite update.
  • To enable it open the sidebar> open settings> open voice reporting settings in the audio tab.
  • To voice report someone in Fortnite, open the sidebar> select the conversation> report the conversation.

Communication abuse and profanities are a daily struggle for multiplayer gamers. Fortnite players are no exception to the wrath of foul language used by many players every day. Because of this very reason, Fortnite developer Epic Games has released a new voice reporting feature for the game. Let us learn what is this feature and how to enable voice reporting to keep yourself and the community safe from the toxicity of some players.

What is Voice Reporting in Fortnite?

In multiplayer games such as Fortnite, Valorant, or Counter-strike, you will find an option to report communication abuse. The unfortunate thing happens when they do not get enough punishment for such activities again and again.

To prevent that, Fortnite voice reporting records the last 5 minutes of your audio communication to serve as proof along with your report. Fortnite claims to improve this feature through additional banned words implemented in the system to detect abuse faster. For now, the audio clips will be reviewed by moderators.

The audio clips will be stored in your device storage as a backup. Fortnite will delete the clips after 14 days of evaluation of the clips. However, the 14-day window will be extended if needed. Epic has also confirmed if a report situation gets more serious, they will retain the audio files on legal terms.

Remember that Epic Games will not access the audio file until the report is initiated. This makes the Fortnite voice chat stay private while making it more secure.

Enable Voice Reporting on Game Startup

The voice reporting system is an “always on” feature for players under 18. This means there will be no option for them to disable this feature by themselves. However, if it’s required, only a parent can change the setting through the Epic parental controls that already exist in the Epic portal. If you are above 18, there are two ways to enable the voice reporting feature in Fortnite.

When you launch Fortnite after the update, you will see a prompt asking if you want your voice chat enabled. The “Keep the voice chat on” option will allow Fortnite to record your last 5 minutes of audio activity after you use voice report someone in the game. If you select this option, you will no longer need to follow any additional steps.

Enable Voice Reporting via Game Settings

If you did not enable voice reporting on startup, follow the steps below to turn on the feature via the settings in Fortnite:

  • On the main screen of Fortnite, click your avatar in the top right corner to open the sidebar.
  • Now, click the gear icon at the bottom of the list and move to the Settings menu.
  • Now, move to the audio tab and scroll down. Under the voice chat section, toggle the VOICE REPORTING setting to ALWAYS ON or OFF WHEN POSSIBLE.

Note: The OFF WHEN POSSIBLE option will ensure the voice reporting is only on when you are not in a friendly party voice chat. The ALWAYS ON option will keep the reporting enabled all the time during your gameplay.

If you turn off your VOICE CHAT, the voice reporting will be disabled. Remember the reporting will always be on for under 18 players.

How to Report Inappropriate Voice Conduct

Once you have turned on the voice reporting feature, you can include the audio clip as proof when reporting someone for voice misconduct. To learn how to report someone for verbal abuse in-game, follow the steps below:

  1. When you are in the game or just in the main menu, open the sidebar.
  2. Look for the Voice Chat option on the list. Then, select the conversation you want to report.
  3. Finally, click Report Conversation. It will prompt you with some additional submissions.
  4. Once done, close the tab, and you can get back to your game.

Now that Epic Games has started the fight against internet bullies and toxic players in Fortnite, do you think this change will have a positive impact on the players? Let us know your opinions in the comments section below.

Is Fortnite voice chat safe?

Epic Games wants Fortnite to be a safe environment for all types of gamers. Older privacy settings allow you to mute your party members or teammates. However, if you want communications but voice abuse happens, you can use the voice report feature.

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