All Hidden Gnome Locations on the Fortnite OG Map

Fortnite is one of those games that keeps adding bizarre new things to keep its players entertainted. However, one thing that stays constant across map upgrades are the Gnomes. They lure you to grab them while all other players battle it out to get the Victory Royale. The Gnomes grant you 20,000 XP on collecting them but in different locations on the Fortnite map. With the new Fortnite OG map back in the game, let us have a look at where you can find the Gnome on this map.

Fortnite Gnome Locations Map Overview

Fortnite New Map gnome locations with numbers

There are ten locations where the Gnomes are hidden on the current map. Check out the image above to learn where they are location on the map yourself or keep reading to know where exactly they are located on the OG map. Hurry up and collect them as you do not want to miss out on precious 20,000 XP.

All Hidden Gnome Locations in Fortnite

You can find the hidden Gnomes on the Fortnite OG map in any order. This will not impact the XP you get once you find them. Make sure you collect them by pressing the E key on your keyboard (square on PS and X on Xbox) once you are next to the Gnomes. We will be updating this article to include more locations if Fortnite adds them in the future.

1. Cliff of Paradise Palms

Cliff of Paradise Palms

To find the Gnome on Fortnite’s Paradise Palms, you need to go to the eastern corner of the Paradise Palms location. Once you are near the cliffs, look for two graves and a flower tribute. This will be behind a house so make sure you check the cliffs closely.

2. Lonely Lodge Pond Gnome

Lonely Lodge Pond Gnome location

This one is pretty easy to find. Once you are in the Lonely Lodge location, go towards the north of the Lodge. You will see a small pond with small rocks in the middle. There you will find the small Gnome chilling on the shores of the pond.

3. Maze of Wailing Woods

Maze of Wailing Woods

Unlike the previous one, the Wailing Woods maze can be a tricky place to navigate. The best way to find this Gnome is to jump on top of the house in the middle of the maze. Once you are there, you will see the ! sign in the maze. Just jump towards it.

4. Gnome Location Behind RV in Risky Reels

RV in Risky Reels

In the Rusky Reels, go to the north where all the trailers, RV, and cars are parked. Now, find a green RV at the end of the park on the north. Behind this RV adjacent to the wooden wall, you will find a Gnome. This one is one of the easiest Fortnite Gnome locations to find.

5. Small Pond of Dusky Divot

Small Pond of Dusky Divot Gnome Location

In Dusky Divot, once you go towards the north, you will find a small pond. This pond is located right under the junkyard on the north. You will find your next Gnome location right in the middle of this pond.

6. The Broken Bus on Shifty Shafts Hill

The Broken Bus on Shifty Shafts Hill

Now, this Gnome location might be a little difficult as he hides in the ground upside down. This one is located on the eastern side of Shift Shafts. Look for the hills on the northeast of Shifty Shafts, and you will find a broken battle bus here. The Gnome will be right in front of the hood of the bus.

7. Shifty Shafts Mine Gnome Location

Shifty Shafts Mine

This one will be easy as it is also in the Shifty Shafts. Once you are in the mines of Shifty Shafts, take the north entrance of the mine and you will find the Gnome hiding behind a wooden wall. Break the wall down and grab the Gnome to gain XP.

8. Greasy Grove Statue

Greasy Grove Statue Gnome Location

If you know the rock face meme, then this one will not be difficult for you. In the Greasy Grove, walk away from the location towards the north side hills. You will see the rock face statue and hiding behind it is the pesky little Gnome.

9. Camp of Pleasant Park Gnome

Camp of Pleasant Park

Fortnite added a football field in Pleasant Park with another Gnome location around the corner. Once you are in the Pleasant Park football ground, walk south of it. You will see a camp tent the Gnome has set up.

10. Llama Statue of Junk Junction

Llama Statue of Junk Junction Gnome Location

The last location on our list is one that is the easiest to find and located at the end of the northwest of the map. Find the Llama statue in Junk Junction, and you will find this Gnome chilling on a couple of scraps lying on the ground.

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