How to Disable Windows Recall on Copilot+ PCs

In Short
  • Microsoft lets you disable Windows Recall from Settings with a single click. It will stop taking screenshots of your activities.
  • You can also choose to disable Recall AI from Registry or Group Policy Editor.
  • In case, you don't want to turn off Recall entirely, you can add specific apps and websites to Recall's filter list.

The headline feature of Copilot+ PCs is Recall AI, however, after a security researcher pointed out glaring security flaws, users are looking to disable it. Many reports suggest that Recall AI is a privacy nightmare as the vector index is unencrypted and malicious actors can easily access it from the ‘AppData’ folder. In fact, other users on the PC can also access the stored snapshots. So if you want to disable Windows Recall right away, follow our guide.

Disable Windows Recall via Settings

  • To turn off Recall on Windows 11, open Windows Settings by pressing “Windows + I“.
  • Next, move to “Privacy & security” and click on “Recall & snapshots“.
  • Here, simply turn off “Save snapshots”. This will stop Recall from capturing screenshots of your activities.
disable windows recall in settings
  • You can also delete all Recall snapshots by clicking on the “Delete all” button.
delete windows recall data
  • And if you want to filter out some websites and apps, you can add them to filter lists. This will prevent Recall from taking screenshots on specified apps and websites.
add apps to recall filter list

Turn Off Windows Recall via Registry

  • You can also fully turn off the Windows Recall feature through the Registry. Open the Start menu and search for “Registry“. Now, open it.
open registry editor windows 11
  • Next, paste the below address into the Registry’s address bar and hit Enter.
registry path to recall
  • After that, right-click on “Windows” and choose New -> Key.
create new key in registry
  • Set WindowsAI as the key name and select it.
rename key in registry
  • In the right pane, right-click and choose New -> DWORD (32-bit) Value.
create dword entry in registry
  • Name it DisableAIDataAnalysis.
registry entry to disable recall on windows
  • Now, double-click on it and set the value data as 1.
change value data in registry
  • You are done. Now, restart your Copilot+ PC and Windows Recall should be disabled.

Disable Windows Recall via Group Policy

Finally, you can disable Windows Recall by configuring the Group Policy Editor. While Group Policy is enabled on the Pro edition, for Home edition users, you can follow our tutorial on how to enable Group Policy Editor on Windows 11 Home. After that, move to the below steps.

  • Open the Start menu and search for “group policy”. Now, open “Edit group policy“.
group policy editor windows 11
  • Next, navigate to this path: User Configuration > Administrative Templates > Windows Components > Windows AI.
group policy path to disable windows recall
  • Here, double-click on “Turn off Saving Snapshots for Windows”.
policy setting for recall
  • Now, click on “Enabled” and then “Apply” and “OK”. Go ahead and restart your PC and Windows Recall will be disabled right away.
configure recall in group policy editor

So these are the three ways you can turn off Recall and AI analysis on your Copilot+ PC. As I have said before, while the Recall feature might be useful to some users, there are major security gaps in its implementation. If malicious actors get access to the vector database, all your browsing history along with sensitive information will be leaked. So to be on the safe side, you should disable Recall AI right away.

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