How to Delete Reddit History

In Short
  • Reddit has loads of content and you might not want people to see what you're searching for.
  • You can delete your search history directly from the search bar.
  • Your post history can be deleted using the clear option on your feed or from the privacy section in Settings.

There’s no denying that Reddit is an extremely popular platform and is filled with loads of interesting and entertaining content. The search bar on Reddit can help you find popular subreddits, posts, and users, but there could be times when you might want to delete your Reddit history. There are a few ways to delete Reddit history, so let’s look at them in this guide.

Method 1: Clear Reddit Search History

When you use the search bar, like other platforms, the search history piles up over time. This history isn’t synced and shared across Reddit apps on different platforms; hence, clearing your Reddit history on your PC’s browser will not clear it in the Reddit app on your phone. However, the process of deleting Reddit search history is the same across all platforms. Here’s how to clear your Reddit search history.

On Phone

  1. Open the Reddit app on your phone and tap on the search icon at the top right.
  2. Here, you’ll see a list of words or subreddits you searched for or visited in the past. Tap on the x icon on the right side of each of the search to delete them.
reddit search history clear mobile

Voila! Your Reddit search history has been cleared on mobile.


  1. Go to and click on the search bar. Your previous search results should show up.
reddit search history click search bar
  1. Click on the x icon next to the search keywords to delete them.
reddit search history click cross icons

Method 2: Delete Reddit Post History

Post history is the posts you’ve visited on Reddit and is different from Reddit search history. To have a post saved in your history, you have to visit it. Here’s how to delete the post history on Reddit.

On Android

  1. Launch Reddit and go to Profile picture > History.
  2. Tap on the 3-dots icon at the top right and tap on Clear history.
Reddit clear post history mobile

Your Reddit post history has now been cleared.

On iPhone

The method to clear post history is different on the iOS version of Reddit. Reddit’s iOS app offers a Clear local history option which doesn’t only clear the app’s post history but also deletes the search history as well. Here’s how you can use it.

  1. Launch the Reddit app on your iPhone and tap on your profile picture at the top right.
  2. In the sidebar that opens on the right, tap on Settings.
  3. Here, scroll down to the “Advanced” section and tap on Clear local history.
Delete Reddit Post History iPhone
  1. You’ll need to confirm this action by tapping on Clear local history at the bottom.
  2. Reddit will now clear the app history on your iPhone. When that happens, you’ll see a Local History Cleared message at the bottom.
Delete Reddit Post History iPhone


  1. On the web, considering you visited a few Reddit posts, you should see all your recent posts on the right-most side.
  2. Inside the Recent posts section, click on Clear to clear your Reddit post history.
Clear Reddit Post History
  1. Alternatively, click your Profile Picture at the top right and select Settings from the overflow menu.
Profile settings
  1. Go to the Privacy tab > Advanced > Clear history > Clear.
Clear History

Method 3: Clear Reddit History From Browser

Reddit search and post history are also saved in your browser history. Clearing history on the Reddit web app doesn’t remove the browser history, so here’s how to clear Reddit history in the browser. We’ll be using Chrome for this example, but the overall process should be the same across all Chromium-based browsers.

  1. Launch Chrome and go to chrome://history.
  2. In the search bar, type “reddit”. This will show you all your Reddit search and post history and their URLs.
  3. Select the items you want to delete from your history by checking their adjacent boxes and on the top-right, click on Delete.
Delete search reddit

Pro tip: If you want to clear the search and post history of a particular subreddit or keyword, you can enter that subreddit’s name, for example, “r/iOSbeta” to get the entire Reddit history of when you visited the subreddit.

If you want to delete the history related to that keyword or subreddit, once you search for it and when results appear press Ctrl + A shortcut and press the Delete key on your keyboard to delete Reddit history from your browser.

So these are the three ways to delete Reddit history. The methods mentioned above provide easy ways of cleaning up the history you may not want others to see. What do you primarily use Reddit for? Do you like or dislike how the platform has changed over the years? Let us know your thoughts in the comments below.

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