How to Change AirPods Pro Tips

Like other true wireless earbuds, AirPods Pro comes with a set of replacement ear tips, each one having a different size. This gives you the liberty to choose the most comfortable AirPods Pro ear tips, making for an immersive listening experience. Sometimes, you might want to change your AirPods Pro tips to try a different ear tip size or clean the earpiece when your AirPods aren’t working properly. While rubber ear tips have been here for quite a while, many users struggle to swap the default ear tips on AirPods Pro. In fact, some users have peeled their AirPods Pro ear tips while removing them. But you need not worry, we will tell you how to change AirPods Pro ear tips safely.

How to Change Your AirPods Pro Ear Tips

1. Firmly hold the AirPod by its head.

2. To remove your AirPods Pro tips without ripping, you should first invert or unroll the ear tip.

Note: This will ensure that the delicate ends of the ear tips remain safe while you replace your AirPods Pro tips.

Invert the tip to safely change your AirPods Pro ear tips

3. Next, pinch your fingers (and not your nails) on either side of the rubber tips. Make sure to hold the ear tip from the base, and not the edge.

Hold the base of the AirPods Pro ear tip

4. Now, firmly yet gently pull the ear tip from its base, where it is attached to the AirPod, to remove it.

Note: Don’t pull the ear tip from its edges as it will damage the soft silicone part. Pulling the ear tip will require some force, especially if you are swapping your AirPods Pro ear tips for the first time. But don’t worry, it won’t damage the ear tips, as long as you pull them straight from the base.

Remove AirPods Pro ear tip

5. Once the ear tip clicks off, choose your Apple Pro ear tips from the box. The first gen AirPods Pro comes with three ear tips — medium comes attached to the AirPods while small and large tips are provided in the box. The 2nd gen AirPods Pro comes with an extra small ear tip. To see the size, simply unroll the edges, and look for XS, S, M, or L etched inside the ear tip.

Size on AirPods Pro ear tips

6. To attach a new ear tip to your AirPods Pro, align the oval on the ear tip to the oval-shaped connector on the AirPod. Then, gently push the ear tip to the connector until it securely clicks into place. And, voila! You’ve safely replaced your AirPods Pro tips.

How to find the Best AirPods Pro Ear Tips Size

1. Try out different ear tips

Finding the right ear tips is the key to getting the best possible audio quality and noise cancellation on your AirPods Pro. To make sure you have a comfortable fit, Apple offers several ear tips with their AirPods Pro models. You can replace your AirPods Pro ear tips based on your experience with the current one.

If they irritate or hurt your ears, or you feel a lot of pressure in your ear canal, move a size down. Alternatively, if your AirPods Pro feels too loose or too big, or keeps falling off your ears, move a size up.

2. Use the Ear Tip Fit Test

Sometimes it might be a little difficult to determine which AirPods Pro tips are the best for you. To get some help & make the right decision, you can try the Apple Ear Tip Fit Test. 

Note: Before you begin, make sure your iPhone is running iOS 13.2 or a newer version. Also, please sit in a quiet environment to get accurate results. 

1. With your AirPods Pro in your ears, go to Settings -> Bluetooth on your connected iPhone or iPad.

2. Under My Devices, find your AirPods name and tap the “i” icon in front of it.

3. Tap Ear Tip Fit Test and choose Continue.

How to Change AirPods Pro Tips

4. Tap the Play button to begin the test. You will hear music for a few seconds to determine the quality of the seal between your ear and the AirPods. 

5. If the results show Good Seal, the ear tip you chose is right for you. In case you see “Adjust or Try a Different Ear Tip”, the seal quality isn’t good and you should change your AirPods Pro ear tips.

6. Tap Done to finish.

AirPods Pro Ear Tip Test Results
Can I change my AirPods Pro tips?

Yes, you can choose from small, medium, and large ear tips to get the most comfortable fit and the best possible acoustic performance.

How do I change my AirPods Pro tips without ripping?

To safely change your AirPods Pro ear tips, you should first invert the ear tip and then firmly pull it straight from the base, where it is connected to the AirPod.

Can I put any silicone ear tips on my AirPods Pro?

No, the ear tip slots on AirPods Pro are custom-made and are different from other silicone tips. Therefore, the ear tips from other wireless earbuds won’t fit your AirPods Pro. Moreover, for the highest-fidelity audio experience, it is recommended to use the ear tips that come with your AirPods.

Does Apple make replacement AirPod tips?

Yes, Apple offers small, medium, and large ear tips with AirPods Pro and an additional extra small tip with AirPods Pro 2.

Does Apple offer free AirPods Pro tips replacement if they are under warranty?

Apple’s limited One-year warranty on AirPods Pro only covers manufacturing issues and not accidental damage. So, if your AirPods Pro came with faulty ear tips, you can replace your AirPods Pro tips for free. However, if the ear tips get damaged with everyday use, it won’t be covered. Unfortunately, AppleCare+ also doesn’t cover AirPods Pro ear tip replacement.

Can you buy AirPods Pro tips separately?

Yes, you can buy a brand-new set of AirPods Pro tips separately from the Apple store, Apple Online Store, or an authorized reseller.

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