How to Easily Catch Pals in Palworld

In Short
  • To catch a Pal, you require a weapon and a Pal Sphere in your inventory.
  • You can craft a Pal Sphere and weapon at the primitive workbench in Palworld.
  • To capture a Pal, attack it and bring its health down below 50%. Then, throw a Pal Sphere to successfully capture it.

Palworld is a game that is chock full of different creatures. And while you can choose from the best starter pals, you do need to catch them to use them. After all, not only will these creatures become your friends-in-arms, but they also help you out with mundane tasks. In this guide, we’ll teach you how to catch your first Pal in Palworld.

Games like Pokemon heavily inspire Palworld. As such, the Pal-catching process is very similar. To catch one, you need to follow these steps.

  • Ensure you have a “Pal Sphere” in your inventory. You will sometimes find them randomly scattered in the world, or you can craft them using Paldium Fragments.
  • Once you have it, craft a wooden club from the crafting table. Later, you can unlock bows and spears.
  • Now, track down a Pal that has a similar level to yours. Higher-level Pals will be harder to capture.
  • Once decided, start attacking the Pal. Since the monster will attack you, dodge their incoming attacks. Ensure you deplete at least 50% of their health. Do not fully deplete it, or else the pal will be knocked out.
  • Then, throw a Pal Sphere at the Pal and wait for the sphere to reach the 100% mark. Before using the Sphere, you’ll see a potential percentage chance of catching the Pal when aiming with the item. Ensure that the number is over 70%.

Congratulations, you have caught your first Pal successfully. From here on, you can nurture Pals by working and crafting your base. Doing so slowly raises their level as well. Furthermore, if you have multiple Pals of the same type, you can assign them to a particular job at the base.

Tips to Improve Your Pal Catching Chances

Much like a typical monster-catching game, Palworld has systems in place to make the catching portion a challenge. Thus, you must keep a few things in mind before venturing out. Here are some essential tips to remember while catching a Pal:

  • Try to level up as much as possible before catching a Pal. Try to be three levels higher than the Pal when attempting to catch one.
  • Try to hit Pal from behind instead of the front. This will cause more damage to it. Similarly, if you throw the Pal Sphere from behind, the chances of capturing the Pal increases.
  • There’s a chance you won’t capture a pal in the first attempt. So, remember to carry additional Pal Spheres. Your Palsphere amount is shown at the bottom-right of the screen.
  • While you might see high-level Pals in the game, try to leave them alone for now. Ensure you’ve leveled up quite a bit before taking them head-on.
  • Moreover, when you get the opportunity, build a Statue of Power at your base. This will help you permanently increase your Pal-catching chances by using Lifmunk Effigies collected from the island.

And that is how you easily capture a Pal in Palworld. Still having trouble with catching Pals? Drop your doubts in the comments below!

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