How Do AirTags Work?

In Short
  • AirTags are smart tracking devices that use Bluetooth and Ultra-Wideband tech to connect with your Apple devices.
  • They chirp signals, allowing your iPhone to locate them through the Find My app.
  • Easy setup, respect for privacy, and security features make AirTags reliable for tracking your belongings.

We all have been there, frantically searching for our car keys or favorite bag. Enters Apple AirTag; these tiny yet powerful devices are designed to help you effortlessly keep tabs on your belongings. But how exactly does this small, coin-shaped device pull off this magic? Let’s take a peek into how AirTags work by looking at the tech behind it.

The Tech Behind Apple AirTag

At its core, the Apple AirTag relies on a blend of technologies in order to ensure accurate tracking of your valuable stuff. The coin-shaped device incorporates a few key components:

Bluetooth Technology

Apple AirTags utilizes Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE) to communicate with nearby Apple devices, allowing for seamless connectivity and assisting in pinpointing the tag’s location.

Ultra-Wideband (UWB) Technology

A standout feature available in iPhone 11 and later models, UWB technology enables precise spatial awareness. Ultra-wideband is a short-range radio technology that is deployed for the transmission of data via radio waves. UWB is known for its unparalleled accuracy in determining the precise location of devices. This means an iPhone, Apple Watch, or MacBook with an Ultra-wideband chip can precisely locate the AirTag within a close range, almost like a digital compass guiding you to its exact location.

Apple’s Find My Network

AirTags benefits from Apple’s expansive Find My network, harnessing the power of millions of Apple devices worldwide. If an AirTag is out of Bluetooth range, other Apple devices nearby can anonymously relay its location back to its owner, ensuring broader coverage for tracking.

Apple AirTag

How Do Apple AirTags Work?

Setting up an AirTag is a breeze. You can connect the AirTag to your Apple ID via the Find My app on your iPhone, then attach it to your belongings using different AirTag accessories Apple offers.

Once connected, these devices send the location of your AirTag to iCloud — then you can go to the Find My app and see it on a map. Apple AirTags periodically emits Bluetooth signals, which are picked up by nearby Apple devices. When in proximity to an iPhone, iPad, or Mac, the AirTag’s location is updated and displayed on the owner’s Find My app.

The precision of locating an AirTag is amplified with UWB-equipped devices. Similar to how you can find Apple TV Siri Remote using your iPhone, you can activate the Precision Finding feature on your iPhone, which employs UWB technology to guide you directly to the AirTag with directional arrows and distance indicators on your iPhone’s screen.

finding Apple AirTag

Privacy and Security Measures in AirTag

Privacy is a significant concern with tracking devices, and we all know how serious Apple is about privacy. The tech giant has implemented several measures to address this. AirTags are designed with user privacy in mind, incorporating features like rotating identifiers to prevent unwanted tracking.

Also, if an AirTag is detected to be traveling with someone who is not the owner for an extended period, it will alert the user, helping prevent misuse.

And that’s it; this is how the Apple AirTags work. These tiny trackers have undoubtedly revolutionized the way we keep tabs on our belongings, offering peace of mind and efficiency in an impressive small package.

How does AirTag work without the internet?

Apple AirTags uses the Bluetooth signal to establish location and does not require a cellular or Wi-Fi network. However, you will need a cellular or Wi-Fi connection in order to view AirTag’s location in the Find My app.

Does AirTag have GPS?

No, Apple AirTags do not have GPS. Instead, it relies on getting a location from a nearby Apple device.

Can AirTag be used to track a car?

You can use the AirTag to track anything you want; all you need to do is place the AirTag in the glove compartment or hide it anywhere in your car.

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