Honkai Star Rail Misha: Kit and Best Build

In Short
  • Misha is a 4-star Destruction character in Honkai Star Rail with Ice Damage type and his kit is mainly suited for DPS.
  • The 4-piece Hunter Of Glacial Forest and 2-piece Inert Salsotto are his best Relics. His best Light Cone is 'Nowhere to Run'.
  • The best team comp for Misha is: Jingliu (DPS), Misha (Sub-DPS), Ruan Mei (Support), and Huohuo (Sustain).

Misha is a 4-star Destruction character in Honkai Star Rail with the Ice Damage type. Meesha’s kit revolves around his multi-hit Ultimate, which can also Freeze enemies. A correctly built Misha will constantly freeze enemies, preventing them from taking action, while dealing substantial damage to them. Here is how you can best build Misha in Honkai Star Rail to get the best out of his kit.

Who is Misha in Honkai Star Rail

Misha Honkai Star Rail
Image Courtesy: Honkai Star Rail

Misha is a bellboy at The Reverie Hotel in Penacony. He is described as a lovable and thoughtful person, who wants to become an intergalactic adventurer like his grandfather. Hardworking and skilled with machines, Misha also has a fondness for sharing interstellar rumors with guests.

Honkai Star Rail Misha Release Date

Misha will feature in the Honkai Star Rail 2.0 version, which was released on February 6, 2024. He will feature in phase 1, alongside Tingyun, and Guinaifen in the Black Swan and Dan Heng Imbibitor Lunae 5-star banner.

Misha’s Kit and Best Cycle Rotation (At Max Level)

Misha’s kit is very good for freezing enemies when played correctly. Let’s look closer at her kit to understand the ideal way to play her.

  • E—Excuse Me, Please! (Basic Attack): Deals flat Ice Damage to a single enemy, equal to 130% of his Attack.
  • R—Room Service (Skill): Deals Blast Ice damage equal to 250% of Misha’s Attack to the primary target and 100% of his Attack to adjacent enemies. Also increases the Ultimate Hits per Action count by 1.
  • G—Gonna Be Late! (Ultimate): It does a 3 hits Bounce attack by default, hitting the primary target for 72% of Misha’s Attack and other random enemies after that for 72% of his Attack. His Ultimate hit count can possess up to 10 hits per action, and using his Ultimate resets the count to default. Furthermore, each hit of Misha’s Ultimate has a 24% base chance to freeze the enemy (before the attack lands) for 1 turn. Frozen enemies don’t take their action and take Ice Damage equal to 36% of Misha’s Attack at the beginning of their turn.
  • Horological Escapement (Talent): Increases the Ultimate’s Hits per Action and regenerates 3 energy when an ally consumes a Skill point.
  • Wait, You Are So Beautiful (Technique): Creates a dimension, Dream Prison, which stops all action of enemies caught in it, lasting for 15 seconds. Misha’s next Ultimate will deal 2 more hits when he enters battle in Dream Prison.

Misha’s kit is heavily Ultimate focused, which deals multiple hits of damage to multiple enemies and has a 24% base chance of freezing enemies. The hit count of his Ultimate increases when using his Skill and when his allies consume Skill points.

The ideal way to play her will be to use his Skill or Basic attack until his Ultimate gets the max hit stack of 10 and then use his Ultimate. Using his Ultimate early will be a waste unless you really need to freeze your opponents during that turn.

Misha’s kit shines when using her best Relic and Planar Ornament builds. Here are the best Cavern Relics, Planar Ornaments, and main and sub-stats for the best Misha build.

Best Relics for Misha in HSR

  • Hunter of Glacial Forest relic set
  • Musketeer of Wild Wheat relic set
  • 4-piece Hunter Of Glacial Forest
  • 4-piece Musketeer of Wild Wheat

The 4-piece Hunter of Glacial Forest is a clear favorite for Misha as it boosts both her Ice Damage and Ultimate damage. The 4-piece Musketeer of Wild Wheat is a good alternative, giving her a boost to Attack and Speed.

Best Planar Ornaments for Misha in HSR

  • Inert Salsotto planar ornament set
  • Celestial Differentiator Planar Ornament Set
  • 2-Piece Inert Salsotto
  • 2-Piece Celestial Differentiator

The 2-piece Inert Salsotto is the best planar ornament for Misha as it increases Crit Rate and Ultimate Damage. The 2-piece Celestial Differentiator is also a good option as it boosts his Ultimate damage.

Main and Sub Stats for Misha

RelicsMain / Sub-Stat
HeadHP / Crit Damage % = Crit Rate % > Attack % > Speed > Effect Hit Rate %
HandsAttack / Crit Damage % = Crit Rate % > Attack % > Speed > Effect Hit Rate %
BodyAttack % / Crit Damage % = Crit Rate % > Speed > Effect Hit Rate %
FeetAttack % > Speed / Crit Damage % = Crit Rate % > Attack % > Speed > Effect Hit Rate %
Planar SphereIce Damage Boost / Crit Damage % = Crit Rate % > Attack % > Speed > Effect Hit Rate %
Link RopeAttack % / Crit Damage % = Crit Rate % > Speed > Effect Hit Rate %
Misha Main and Sub Stats for his Relics and Planar Ornaments

When it comes to the best Main and Sub-stats for Misha, stack Crit Damage, Crit Rate, and Attack % as much as possible to get the most damage. Next, focus on adding Speed and Effect Hit Rate %.

Speed will help Misha quickly stack the hits per action, and Effect Hit Rate % will allow her to freeze enemies more effectively.

Light Cones for Best Misha Build in Honkai Star Rail

Nowhere to run light cone
Best for Misha
  • Nowhere to Run (Best for Misha): Increases the wearer’s attack by 24% and defeating an enemy restores HP equal to 12% of their Attack.
  • On the Fall of an Aeon (Best F2P Option at S5): The attack of the wearer increases by 16% (8% at S1) whenever he attacks enemies (max 4 stacks). After a character inflicts Weakness Break on an enemy, it additionally increases the wearer’s damage by 24% (12% at S1) for 2 turns.
  • Something Irreplaceable (Best Alternative and 5-star Light Cone for Misha): Increases Attack by 24%. Also, immediately restores HP equal to 8% of the wearer’s Attack when they defeat an enemy or are hit, additionally increasing the wearer’s Damage by 24% until the end of their next turn. This effect doesn’t stack and only triggers 1 time per turn.

Misha Ascension and Trace Materials

All Ascension Materials for Misha:

Honkai Star Rail Credits Credit246k
To be Announced Material Dream Collection Component12
To be Announced Material Dream Flow Valve13
To be Announced Material Dream Fridge50
To be Announced Material Dream Making Machine12
Misha Ascension Materials

All Trace Materials for Misha:

Honkai Star Rail Credits Credit2.4 Million
To be Announced Material Borisin Teeth12
To be Announced Material Dream Collection Component28
To be Announced Material Lupitoxin Sawteeth54
To be Announced Material Dream Flow Valve42
To be Announced Material Moon Madness Fang105
To be Announced Material Dream Fridge42
Past Evils of the Borehole Honkai Star Rail Past Evils of the Borehole Planet12
Honkai Star Rail Tracks of Destiny Tracks of Destiny5
Trace Materials of Misha

Misha Eidolons in Honkai Star Rail

  • Whimsicality of Fancy (E1): For each enemy in battle, the Hits Per Action of the Ultimate increases by 1, up to a maximum of 5.
  • Yearning of Youth (E2): Each hit of the Ultimate can reduce the enemy’s Defense by 16% (with a 24% base chance), for 3 turns before damage is dealt.
  • Vestige of Happiness (E3): Ultimate Level + 2, up to Level 15 max, Basic Attack Level + 1, up to Level 10 max.
  • Visage of Kinship (E4): Each hit of the Ultimate has an increased Damage multiplier of 6%.
  • Genesis of First Love (E5): Skill Level + 2, up to Level 15 max, Talent Level + 2, up to Level 15 max.
  • Estrangement of Dream (E6): Using the Ultimate allows him to deal 30% more damage until the end of the turn. Furthermore, using the next Skill recovers 1 Skill point for all allies.

Misha has some strong Eidolons that are worth getting. His E2 ability lets him reduce the defense of multiple enemies, and his E6 ability lets her generate Skill points.

Misha Traces in Honkai Star Rail

Bonus Abilities:

  • Release (Ascension 2): Increases the Base Chance of Freezing enemies with the Ultimate by 80% before launching the first hit.
  • Interlock (Ascension 4): Effect Hit Rate of increases by 60% after using the Ultimate, expires at the end of the Ultimate’s current action.
  • Transmission (Ascension 6): Deal 30% more Crit Damage against Frozen enemies.

Stat Boosts:

  • Defense Boost: 22.5%
  • Ice Damage Boost: 22.4 %
  • Crit Rate Boost: 6.7%

Best Team Comps For Misha in HSR

Misha best team comp
Image Courtesy: Honkai Star Rail (Edited by: Sanmay Chakrabarti)
OrderMain DPSSupport/Sub-DPSSupportSustain
BestJingliuMishaRuan MeiHuohuo
AlternativeMishaRuan MeiSilver WolfGeopard
F2PMishaMarch 7thAstaLynx
Best Teams for Misha

Misha’s build is vital for both the Main DPS and Sub DPS roles. His best team composition will be a freeze team with Jingliu and Ruan Mei. You can also pair him with Ruan Mei, Silver Wolf, and Geopard, with Misha as the Main DPS. If played correctly, this team can constantly delay enemy attacks by freezing them. A mono-ice team with Misha, Ruan Mei, Pela, and Geopard can also be powerful against enemies with Ice weakness.

Should You Pull for Misha in Honkai Star Rail?

Misha is a strong 4-star with a powerful freeze and damage kit. When played correctly, he can be essential in delaying enemy attacks. You should definitely pull for Misha and even go for his Eidolons. His kit has enough value to make him a strong A-tier or above character.

So, here is everything you need for the best Misha build in Honkai Star Rail. Please share your opinion on Misha and his playstyle in the comment section.

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