Honkai Star Rail: Tingyun Build Guide

In Short
  • Tingyun is a 4-star Harmony character in Honkai Star Rail with Lightning Damage type and her kit is mainly suited to Support.
  • The 4-piece Messenger Traversing Hackerspace and 2-piece Broken Keel are her best Relics.
  • The best team comp for Tingyun is Jingliu (DPS), Tingyun (Support), Pela (Support), and Huohuo (Sustain).

Tingyun is a 4-star Harmony character with the Lightning damage type, and she brings insane value to any team composition. She features strong Attack and Energy Regeneration buffs and is considered one of the best Supports in the game. Tingyun is also very F2P friendly, and with the correct build, she can almost double your team’s damage output. Here is how you can best build Tingyun in Honkai Star Rail.

Who is Tingyun in Honkai Star Rail?

Tingyun Honkai Star Rail

Tingyun was the amicassador (a word invented by miHoYo) of the Sky-Faring Commission of The Xianzhou Luofu. She is a sweet-talking foxian and supposedly Yukong’s sister. During the Desolate Depths of Despair Trailblaze mission, Tingyun was revealed as the vessel of Phantylia and died (assumedly) when Phantylia revealed herself.

Tingyun Upcoming Banners and Release Date

Tingyun will next feature in the first phase of the Honkai Star Rail 2.0 banners with Black Swan and Dan Heng Inbibitor Lunae on February 6, 2024. Tingyun last featured in the first phase of HSR 1.6 banner with Ruan Mei and Blade on December 27. She was first released in version 1.0 on May 17, 2023, with Jing Yuan.

Tingyun’s Kit And Cycle Rotation (At Max Level)

Tingyun’s kit is pretty straightforward. She buffs the attack of your main DPS. Let’s look closer to understanding her best playstyle in Honkai Star Rail.

  • Dislodged (Basic Attack): Deals Lightning Damage to a single enemy, equal to 130% of her Attack.
  • Soothing Melody (Skill): It applies Benediction on a single ally, increasing their Attack by 62.5%, up to 30% of Tingyun’s current Attack. Allies with benediction deal additional Lightning damage equal to 50% of their Attack for 1 time. Benediction lasts for 3 turns and is only active on one ally at a time.
  • Amidst the Rejoicing Clouds (Ultimate): It increases a single ally’s damage by 65% for 2 turns and generates 50 energy for them.
Tingyun Ultimate
  • Violet Sparknado (Talent): When Tingyun attacks an enemy, the ally with Benediction deals additional Lightning Damage, equal to 75% of their Attack, to the same enemy immediately.
  • Gentle Breeze (Technique): Regenerates 50 energy immediately for Tingyun.

Tingyun is a very Skill Point positive character as her Skill buff stays active for three turns. Her Skill increases one ally’s Attack %, so you must use it on your main DPS. Tingyun’s Ultimate buffs an ally’s damage and regenerates 50 energy for them. Her Talent allows the ally with Benediction to do additional Lightning damage.

The ideal way to play Tingyun is to use her Skill at the first turn to give Benediction to the main DPS and continue making Basic Attacks for 3 turns. Use her Ultimate on the Main DPS when the extra 50 energy recharges their Ultimate.

Tingyun’s Auto-Play Behavior in HSR

Tingyun auto play behavior

Tingyun’s auto-play behavior is aligned with her ideal play style. The auto-play AI correctly identifies your team’s main DPS and uses Tingyun’s Skill to apply Benediction on them at the start of the battle. The AI then follows with Basic Attacks as long as the Benediction stays active. Besides that, Tingyun’s auto-play AI uses her Ultimate the moment it is fully charged on the main DPS.

Auto-Play Behavior Turn Cycle: Skill > Basic Attack > Basic Attack > Basic Attack > Skill.

Best Tingyun Build: Relics, Planar Ornaments & Sub Stats

Tingyun is a very strong support character, and she can become even better with the correct Relics. Here are the correct Relics, Planar Ornaments, and their Main and Sub Stats for the best Tingyun build.

Relics for Best Tingyun Build

  • Messenger Traversing Hackerspace Relic Set
  • Musketeer of Wild Wheat relic set
  • 4-piece Messenger Traversing Hackerspace
  • 4-piece Musketeer of Wild Wheat

The 4-piece Messenger Traversing Hackerspace is the best Cavern Relic for Tingyun, as your entire team will get a speed buff from it when she uses her Ultimate. The 4-piece Musketeer of Wild Wheat is also a good alternative for increasing attack.

Planar Ornaments for Best Tingyun Build

  • Broken Keel Planar Ornament Set
  • Fleet of the Ageless Planar Ornament Set
  • 2-piece Broken Keel
  • 2-piece Fleet of Ageless

The 2-piece Broken Keel is the best pick for Tingyun as it provides a Crit Damage buff to the entire team, as long as you meet the Effect Resistance threshold. The Fleet of Ageless is a good alternative to simply add some health on your Tingyun for better hits, as she is very fragile.

Best Main and Sub Stats

RelicsMain / Sub-Stat
HeadHP / HP % > Defense > Attack % > Speed = Effect RES %
HandsAttack / HP % > Defense > Attack % > Speed = Effect RES %
BodyHP % = Defense % / HP % > Defense > Attack % > Speed = Effect RES %
FeetSpeed = Attack % / HP % > Defense > Attack % > Speed = Effect RES %
Planar SphereAttack % / HP % > Defense > Speed = Effect RES %
Link RopeEnergy Regeneration Rate / HP % > Defense > Attack % > Speed = Effect RES %
Tingyun Main and Sub Stats for her Relics and Planar Ornaments

When it comes to Tingyun’s main and sub Relic stats, try to stack as much Speed, HP% and Defense % on her as possible, to make her tank hits better. Also, add Energy Regeneration Rate on her Link Rope to recharge her Ultimate faster.

Light Cones for Best Tingyun Build

  • Carve the Moon Weave the Clouds Light Cone
  • Past and Future Light Cone
  • Chorus Light Cone
  • But the Battle isn't Over Light Cone
  • Carve the Moon, Weave the Clouds (Best for Tingyun): At the start of the battle or when the wearer’s turn begins, apply one of the following effects: increase Attack of all allies by 10%, increase Crit Damage of all allies by 12%, or increase Energy Regeneration Rate of all allies by 6%. The same effect cannot be applied consecutively and doesn’t stack. The effects are removed when the wearer is knocked out.
  • Past and Future (Best F2P Alternative at Superimposition 5): When the wearer uses their Skill, the next ally (except the wearer) deals 32% (16% at S1) increased damage for 1 turn.
  • Chorus (Another F2P Alternative at Superimposition 5): Increases Attack of all allies by 12% (8% at S1) after entering battle.
  • But the Battle Isn’t Over (Best 5-Star option): Wearer’s Energy Regeneration rate increases by 10%. Additionally, regenerate a Skill point when the wearer uses their Ultimate on an ally (triggers once after every 2 uses of the Ultimate). When the wearer uses their Skill, the next ally (except the wearer) deals 30% increased damage for 1 turn.

Tingyun has some really good Light Cone options. The Carve the Moon, Weave the Clouds is her best option as it gives team-wide buffs consistently. You can also use the F2P Light Cone Past and Future, but make sure Tingyun takes the action before your Main DPS.

Besides, Chorus is another great 3-star Light Cone option, especially for early-game players. It’s easier to Superimpose and gives a good team-wide buff. The But the Battle isn’t Over is her best Light Cone option, if you have managed to pull it and you don’t have Bronya.

Tingyun Ascension and Trace Materials

All Ascension Materials for Tingyun:

Honkai Star Rail Credits Credit246k
Immortal Scionette Immortal Scionette12
Immortal Aeroblossom Immortal Aeroblossom13
Lightning Crown of the Past Shadow Material Lightning Crown of the Past Shadow50
Immortal Lumintwig Immortal Lumintwig12
Tingyun Ascension Materials

All Trace Materials for Tingyun:

Honkai Star Rail Credits Credit2.4 Million
Harmonic Tune Material Harmonic Tune12
Immortal Scionette Immortal Scionette28
Ancestral Hymn Tune Ancestral Hymn54
Immortal Aeroblossom Immortal Aeroblossom42
Stellaris Symphony Material Stellaris Symphony105
Immortal Lumintwig Immortal Lumintwig42
Destroyers Final Road Material Destroyer’s Final Road12
Honkai Star Rail Tracks of Destiny Tracks of Destiny5
Trace Materials of Tingyun

Tingyun Eidolons in Honkai Star Rail

Tingyun Eidolons
  • Windfall of Lucky Springs (E1): After Tingyun uses her Ultimate, the ally with Benediction has their speed increased by 20% for 1 turn.
  • Gainfully Gives, Givingly Gains (E2): Ally with Benediction regenerates 5 energy after defeating an enemy. This effect can only trigger once per turn.
  • Halcyon Bequest (E3): Ultimate Level + 2, up to Level 15 max, Basic Attack Level + 1, up to Level 10 max.
  • Jovial Versatility (E4): Benediction’s Damage multiplier is additionally increased by 20%.
  • Sauntering Coquette (E5): Skill Level + 2, up to Level 15 max, Talent Level + 2, up to Level 15 max.
  • Peace Brings Wealth to All (E6): Her Ultimate regenerates 10 more energy for the ally.

Tingyun is a powerful support, even at E0. Her Eidolons are not massive upgrades but worthwhile if you plan to get them. As she is a 4-star character, getting her Eidolons will be much easier than other characters.

Tingyun Traces in Honkai Star Rail

Bonus Abilities:

  • Nourished Joviality (Ascension 2): Increases Tingyun’s Speed by 20% for 1 turn, after using her Skill.
  • Knell Subdual (Ascension 4): Her basic Attack Damage is increased by 40%.
  • Jubilant Passage (Ascension 6): Regenerates 5 Energy immediately at the start of her turn.

Stat Boosts:

  • Defense Boost: 17.5%
  • Attack Boost: 28%
  • Lightning Damage Boost: 8%

Best Team Comps for Tingyun in Honkai Star Rail

Best Tingyun Team
OrderMain DPSSupportSupportSustain
AlternativeSeeleTingyunSilver WolfFu Xuan
Best Teams for Tingyun

Tingyun is the perfect support for Hyper Carries. She pairs well with most Main DPS, except Blade, as he scales of HP. Characters like Jingliu, Dan Heng Inbibitor Lunae, and Seele will be the perfect pair for Tingyun. Also, you can pair her with Pela, Silver Wolf, to debuff enemies. Among the sustains, Huohuo will be her best partner as her Ultimate will help Tingyun’s Ultimate recharge faster.

Should You Pull for Tingyun in Honkai Star Rail?

Tingyun is one of the best characters in the game and is considered the best buffer after Bronya. She brings insane value to any Hyper-Carry team, and you should definitely pull for her or even go for her Eidolon 6.

Share your thoughts on Tingyun and whether she deserves to invest in your Stellar Jades.

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