Footage of Mechs and Upcoming Content for Helldivers 2 Leaks Online

Helldivers 2 dropping mechs and items in-game, alongside best weapons
Image courtesy: Arrowhead Studios/Helldivers 2
In Short
  • Multiple users have shared footage of a usable mech in Helldivers 2, with many speculating this will be added in a new content update.
  • The mechs come armed with mounted cannons and machine guns, with one player getting to control it.
  • Apart from mechs, there is footage of new content, like NPCs assisting in fights and vehicles floating online.

Helldivers 2 is a tall fight for democracy and is all about liberating Super Earth from bugs and robots. While players already have an arsenal of weapons and stratagems at their disposal, it now seems we might be getting even more help. Recent footage of Helldivers 2 has now shown the developers are concocting something behind the scenes in the form of some usable mechs in-game.

Helldivers 2 Intro video without the mechs

The leak comes from r/Helldivers user fozzye18, who recently posted a video on the subreddit. In it, we can see what seems to be a usable mech on the battlefield. It is a bipedal mech that players enter from behind and use mounted cannons and battling guns to shoot the invading forces.

Wilhe, the video looks very close to being legitimate; we still advise taking it with a grain of salt unless officially confirmed.

This is not the first instance of players discovering usable mechs in-game. As posted by X user (formerly Twitter) Rebs Gaming, alongside usable mechs, players might be able also to call in NPC support. As shown in the video, a drop-ship lands four NPCs on the ground, who support the players in their fight against Terminids.

Another X user (formerly Twitter), JayTechTV, also shared footage of two players using a gun-mounted Humvee on a planet. We can see players sitting in the vehicle and riding around. One player drives the vehicle, while another uses the machine gun on the vehicle to shoot oppressors.

These videos indicate that Helldivers 2 developers might drop some exciting new content very soon. And, judging how the fight in-game has been going, it feels intentional on the developers’ part to tease them.

After all, with the recent increase of the Automaton’s ferocity across the planets and humanity losing Mavelon Creek to Automatons, this might be the best time for our dear Helldivers 2 game-master Joel (it is a thing) to unleash the mechs and vehicles for the players.

Are you excited about the mechs and new updates in Helldivers 2? Let us know in the comments below.

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