Amazing Reply By Students To The Hate Spreading Preacher (Video)

Homosexuality is a term that has garnered a lot of attention in our country off late. The last verdict on homosexuality in India created a lot of uproar not only in the country but worldwide as well.

Recently, a different kind of protest took place in The United States of America that made me ponder as to how magnificent it would be if we had protests like these in our own country to create an impact.

A few weeks before University of Virginia had a Christian preacher, Ross Jackson convey his views on homosexuality among other aspects like masturbation, drugs and country music with no stone unturned. With each passing second, his views on homosexuality started taking a rough phase and that’s when this musical protest started igniting its flames. The song “He Loves Us, Oh how” wouldn’t have any more deeper significance than as projected. Here relive the musical protest..

This process not only represented a huge passion among the students of the college against the atrocities that was transpiring. It even elongated the fact that music has the power to reach our hearts when violence can only help exaggerate angst.

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So maybe, India can take a cue here that sometimes the Gay parade pride march doesn’t help in getting the cause touch our heart. In generality, ‘dharnas’ or even ‘an-shans’ aren’t the most concrete way of going about the major issues. Music can sometimes be the most silent protest that creates a lot of noise. So, start strumming your guitars as a lot of issues needs our attention.

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