GPT-5 Might Release in Summer 2024; ‘Materially Better’ Than GPT-4

report says openai might release gpt-5 during summer 2024
In Short
  • According to a new report, OpenAI is currently training the GPT-5 model and might release the model during the summer of this year.
  • OpenAI is also working on AI agents that can perform complex actions.
  • On a recent podcast with Lex Fridman, Sam Altman said the company would release many different things in the coming months.

Ever since OpenAI released GPT-4, users have been waiting for the next advanced model, GPT-5. It has been more than a year since GPT-4’s release and OpenAI is still tight-lipped about the release date of GPT-5. Now, a new report from Business Insider suggests that GPT-5 might launch during the summer of this year.

The publication talked to two anonymous sources inside OpenAI who are familiar with the development and said that some enterprise customers of OpenAI have already tested the GPT-5 model. The report further says that a CEO who demoed the GPT-5 model called it “materially better” than GPT-4 and “really good“.

In addition, the report says OpenAI is working on AI agents that would perform tasks with the help of GPT-5. It would take your prompt and perform actions. This is something many people want and developers have already built various projects using GPT-4. Tools like Open Interpreter and Code Interpreter API have already demonstrated cool demos.

The report further says that OpenAI has not set a release date for GPT-5 yet. The company is still training the GPT-5 model. After that, it will go through the “red teaming” process to check for safety, bias, and harm risks which could further delay the timeline.

In a recent interview on Lex Fridman’s podcast, when asked about the release of GPT-5, Sam Altman, CEO of OpenAI, responded with, I don’t know. That’s an honest answer. Altman further said that OpenAI would release an “amazing new model this year”, but the company has not decided on the name for the new model yet.

In the podcast, Altman remarked that OpenAI will release many different things in the coming months and they will be very cool. He said, “I know we have a lot of other important things to release first.

Recently, we reported that OpenAI might release an intermediate GPT-4.5 model and the company is perhaps preparing for its release. Not to forget, OpenAI recently announced Sora, an incredible text-to-video AI model and it could be released in a few months, according to recent reports. Anthropic’s Claude 3 Opus model is already being hailed as better than GPT-4 so OpenAI must be looking to release the new GPT-5 model as early as possible.

So are you excited for GPT-5’s release and the capability to run AI agents? Let us know in the comment section below.

SOURCE Business Insider
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