Google Duo and Meet Will Now Become a Single App for Video and Voice Calls

google duo meet merged

Google has decided to combine its popular Meet and Duo video calling apps into a single entity, thus, putting an end to all the confusion regarding its video calling solutions. This change will serve both casual and business users alike. Here are all the details to know.

Google Meet and Duo Become One!

As a result of this integration, Google will now take all the Meet features and add them to the Google Duo app, so, this will be the primary app for video and audio calls. This is probably because the Duo app, as The Verge states, “has much more sophistication.” However, the Google Meet will be retained for branding, and Google Duo will be renamed Google Meet later this year.

The blog post reads, “This integrated experience will provide users with a single solution service for both video calling and meetings with people across their lives.

google duo meet merged

Google says that the Duo app will get features like the ability to customize virtual backgrounds during meetings, schedule meetings, and the in-meeting chat capability. It will also include the Live Share feature, real-time closed captions, allowance of up to 100 people per meeting (an increase from the earlier limit of 32 people), and the integration of tools like Gmail, Google Calendar, Assistant, and Messages, among others. All these features will start reaching users this month.

Plus, Google Duo’s capability of making direct calls without any links and extra steps will continue to serve people. It is also said that Workspace users can still use Meet via the web.

And if you are wondering if this is a sudden change, you should know that Google has been planning this merger since 2020. But, that never shaped into an actual thing. There were also rumors that Google might ditch Duo for Meet.

Combining Google Meet and Duo is one of Google’s endeavors of rebranding its products. Back in 2020, it rebranded Hangouts Chat to Google Chat, following which unified its communications apps under one team led by Soltero. This decision might even help Google become a clearer and more prominent name for video calling to compete with the likes of WhatsApp.

So, what are your thoughts on this merger? Do you think putting Google Duo and Meet under a single app will help the company rise to popularity and attract more users? Let us know your thoughts in the comments below.

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