How to Install Google Duo on Android TV Right Now

Recently, a report surfaced indicating that Google is preparing to launch Duo on Android TV. Immediately after that, Google released a blog and announced that Duo is indeed coming to Android TVs in “the coming weeks”. I was super stoked because finally, you could video chat with your friends and family on a larger screen. That said, we all know how glacial Google is when it comes to rolling out new features (looking at you, Nearby Share). So I tried a few tricks and voila, you can use Google Duo on Android TV right now. All you have to do is sideload the app and you are good to go. So without any delay, let’s go ahead and learn how to install Google Duo on Android TV step-by-step.

Note: I tested Google Duo on Mi TV which is currently running Android 9.

Install Google Duo on Android TV

1. First of all, download the latest Google Duo APK from APKMirror. For your information, I have used the latest build (99.0.327700793) having universal architecture and no specific screen DPI.

2. Now that you have downloaded the APK, transfer the file to your Android TV. You can use Send Files to TV app (Free, Offers in-app purchases) to wirelessly transfer the APK file. For more detailed instructions, follow our guide on how to sideload apps on Android TV. Alternatively, you can transfer the file using a thumb drive as well.

1. Sideload Apps on Android TV using Android Smartphone

3. Next, install Solid Explorer (Free, Offers in-app purchases) on your Android TV and open it. Here, move to the “Downloads” folder and you will find the Duo APK file. Open it and select the “Package Installer” option.

Install Google Duo on Android TV

4. Now, click on “Install” and Google Duo will be installed on your Android TV without any issue. Finally, open it.

Install Google Duo on Android TV

5. Due to some bug, Google Duo does not show up under Installed Apps even after successful installation. In that case, you need to move to Settings -> Apps -> See all apps -> Duo and open it manually from there. If Duo is not available there then look under System Apps. I know it’s a hassle but currently, there is no other way out. How to Install Google Duo on Android TV Right Now

5. Google Duo will open up in an Android TV-like interface with support for selectable elements, contacts, and search functionality. It seems like Duo is completely ready for Android TV and only an official announcement is awaited. Note that your existing Duo Account will be automatically linked to the TV.

Install Google Duo on Android TV

6. You have successfully installed Google Duo on Android TV, but you need one more thing to place a call. You need to connect a webcam to your Android TV. Make sure the webcam has a built-in microphone.

Note: Make sure the Camera app is enabled on your Android TV. Move to Settings -> Apps -> See All Apps -> Scroll down and find Camera -> Enable it.

How to Install Google Duo on Android TV Right Now

7. So that is how you can install Google Duo on Android TV and access features without any limitation. If you are worried about incoming Duo calls suddenly appearing on your Android TV then worry not, the Android TV build does not show incoming calls or notifications.

Enjoy Video Calling with Google Duo on Android TV

In my experience, it worked absolutely great without any tweaks. The call quality was on par with what we get on smartphones and the app felt polished right out of the box. I would say, go ahead and try Duo on your Android TV right now. Anyway, that is all from us. If you found the article helpful then do comment down below and let us know.

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  • Suresh Khatri says:

    I Don’t Find Camera In Apps ,All Apps , System Apps
    How Can We Enable The Camera
    I Am Using My Sony PlayStation Webcam With Mic
    Can I Install Google Camera In Sideload Options in My TV

  • Wayne says:

    I followed these instructions, but ran into a glitch. First, my TV (running Android 9) does not appear to have a “Camera” system app to enable/disable or anything comparable as far as I can tell. I was able to complete all other steps as instructed and I was able to open Duo and establish a video call. However, the person I called could not hear me (my webcam has a built-in mic). The only sounds they could hear were those generated by my TV as I navigated the menus (at least Duo was transmitting some sound haha). Not sure what to try from here. Any help would be much appreciated because I would love to get this working earlier than Google’s pace.

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