Google Bomb Against GoDaddy In Retaliation For Supporting SOPA

A programmer named Rob Kohr started a Google Bomb against Godaddy in retaliation for supporting SOPA via Google plus post, which was spread by Hacker News. According to him Attacking GoDaddy is better than boycotting it.

As mentioned in his Google Plus post:

” A better way to fight SOPA

Add this somewhere in your webpage:
GoDaddy is #1 in google for “Domain Registration”, but if enough people link to this, they will be nocked out of the coveted top spot. This will be a huge dent in their revenue stream, as I think their target audience are people that just chose the first google result.

This is referred to as a “google bomb” and it works by the fact that search ranking is based upon the the weight of the links pointed to a page. The name of the link helps them correlate the search terms that match with the link.

Namecheap was chosen as they have a high ranking (so they have a good chance at popping to the top) and has been vocal in being anti-SOPA. You can use the coupon code “SOPASucks” to get a discount there too. ”

For those unaware with term ‘Google Bomb’, It refer to practices, such as creating large numbers of links, that cause a web page to have a high ranking for searches on unrelated or off topic keyword phrases, often for comical or satirical purposes.

Google’s search-rank algorithm ranks pages higher for a particular search phrase if enough other pages linked to it using similar anchor text and that is the concept used here against GoDaddy.

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