Gemini Advanced Gets a ChatGPT-like Code Interpreter

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In Short
  • Google has brought the ability to edit and run Python code directly inside Gemini's interface but only for paid users.
  • Unlike ChatGPT's Code Interpreter which can also perform advanced data analysis, Gemini's Python Interpreter is limited to coding tasks only.
  • You need to subscribe to Gemini Advanced, which costs $20 per month, to get the ability to edit and run Python code.

Google is making a huge effort with Gemini Advanced and continuously adding new features and capabilities to bring it on par with ChatGPT Plus. The search giant has now brought the ability to edit and run Python code inside Gemini’s interface.

You no longer have to export your code to Google Colab or Replit to run and test it. Gemini’s Python Interpreter works similarly to Code Interpreter (now called Advanced Data Analysis) on ChatGPT.

Google says the new Python Interpreter in Gemini Advanced can help students and developers verify if the code works as intended. Unlike ChatGPT’s Code Interpreter, it also lets you edit the Python code and run it. You simply need to click on the “Run code” button right below the code, and it will show the output. You can also click on the “pencil” icon to edit the code right there.

run python code in gemini advanced

It can save you precious time and students can learn various concepts with code examples and how modifications in code result in different outputs. Bear in mind that the new interpreter is different from the “Implicit code execution” introduced with Bard last year.

That said, Gemini’s Python Interpreter is only limited to coding tasks. In contrast, ChatGPT has a versatile Code Interpreter that works for many tasks, including data analysis, graph generation, conversion of various file formats, and much more.

You can upload a variety of file formats and ask the Code Interpreter to visualize the data or perform specialized actions. It comes with more than 300 Python packages in a sandboxed environment.

Nevertheless, the introduction of a Python Interpreter inside Gemini Advanced is a crucial addition, and I hope Google expands its utility in the coming days. Keep in mind, you can only use the new code interpreter on Gemini Advanced, which is the paid version of Gemini.

It comes with the powerful Gemini 1.0 Ultra model. Gemini Advanced costs $20 per month, but currently, Google is offering two months of free trial, along with Google One benefits such as 2TB storage, AI access in Docs, Gmail, and more.

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