If you have been playing The Elder Scrolls: Skyrim for a long time then you know how amazing it can be to explore a vast world filled with numerous quests and opportunities. That’s the beauty of open-world games because you can explore the world and take on quests at your leisure. If you want to play more games like Skyrim then you are at the right place. Today, we bring you some of the absolutely best games like Skyrim that provide you with a huge world to explore and a lot of exciting gameplay elements. Below are the 15 best games like Skyrim that everyone should play, at least once.

1. Middle-Earth: Shadow of Mordor


What is it? Open-World, Action-Adventure, RPG.

Why you should try it:  Middle-Earth: Shadow of Mordor takes place in the amazing world of “The Lord of the rings”. This book inspired game actually takes place between the timeline of The Hobbit and The Lord of the Rings. If you are already a fan of the movies or the books then this is definitely a must play for you but even if you haven’t seen the movies yet (which we totally recommend), you should still pick this game up if you enjoy open-world adventures and action. You can explore the entire world of LoTR and fight the evil forces of Sauron. You play as a ranger whose family was killed by Sauron and his evil forces. You’ve come back from the dead to avenge your family. The character progression is amazing and you can unlock new abilities and powers with progress. You can use direct melee combat, ranged attacks, or even stealth based moves to complete the missions. If you loved Skyrim’s amazing levels and open world then you are going to love this one.

Where to buy: Steam, Xbox, PlayStation

Works on: Xbox 360, Xbox One, PlayStation 3, PlayStation 4, Windows, Mac OS, Linux

2. Dragon Age: Inquisition


What is it? Open-World, Action, RPG.

Why you should try it: If you have tried the previous Dragon Age games from the franchise then you must know how polished these games actually are. Even if you haven’t played a Dragon Age game before, we recommend that you pick up Dragon Age: Inquisition because it’s one of the best games in the entire series. You start off as the character who has the power to seal off different breaches in the world. Your mission is to settle the civil unrest caused by these breaches. There are demons coming into the world through the breaches and you have to close all of them along with your party. Level up and enhance your character abilities. Choose from a different race of heroes with each race possessing unique abilities and powers. You can also team up with your friends in multiplayer co-op mode and destroy the demons together.

Where to buy: Xbox, PlayStation

Works on: Xbox 360, Xbox One, PlayStation 3, PlayStation 4, Windows

3. Ryse: Son of Rome


What is it? Action-Adventure, Hack n Slash.

Why you should try it: Medieval setting, Roman empire, gladiators, and everything that you’ve read in the Roman History comes to life in this amazing game. Ryse: Son of Rome is a very underrated game that has been neglected because of being an exclusive, however, it’s one of the best historical games with a lot of action. The gameplay is simple but the combat is definitely amazing and exciting. The visuals make this game incredible because everything looks as if it’s real life. You are a Roman centurion who’s trying to avenge his murdered family. You can team up with another one of your friend in the co-op mode and you can take on challenges together. If you have been looking for a historical game with medieval settings then this is the perfect game for you.

Where to buy: Xbox, Steam

Works on: Xbox One, Windows

4. Dark Souls 2


What is it? Hack n Slash, Action, RPG.

Why you should try it: If you ever thought that you were the best at a certain game and felt like you could beat any game then you should try playing Dark Souls 2. This has to be one of the most punishing games out there. You don’t just go around killing everyone in this game because you will just die horribly. You need heavy armor, powerful weapons, etc and there are still chances that you might end up dying. Even clearing the tutorial is a big feat in Dark Souls 2, however, the high difficulty also makes for an amazing gameplay experience. You can play co-op with your friends or go head-to-head against them in versus mode. Both multiplayer modes are exciting. If you play with planning and strategy then you should progress well in this game otherwise you’ll be punished very hard for even minor mistakes.

Where to buy: Steam, Xbox, PlayStation

Works on: Xbox 360, Xbox One, PlayStation 3, PlayStation 4, Windows

5. The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt


What is it? Action-Adventure, RPG.

Why you should try it: One of the best games of last year. The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt set the bar too high for other role-playing games. The detailed environment, amazing interactions, fluid combat system, and a vast world ready for exploration are some of the great things this game has to offer. Control Geralt and use his powers to fight all that is evil. Use swords or magic, whichever you like and fight the monsters that are causing trouble in the world. The game has received numerous awards for the amazing storyline and an immersive gameplay. A must have for all the open-world role playing fans.

Where to buy: Steam, Xbox, PlayStation

Works on: Xbox One, PlayStation 4, Windows

6. Dark Messiah of Might and Magic

Dark Messiah of Might and Magic

What is it? Action, RPG.

Why you should try it: Test your might along with some magic in this exciting game. You can’t just overwhelm your enemies with combos and fast moves because you will be defeated. You have to level up your character and maximize his/her performance in different skill sets. A skilled archer can snipe enemies from far away with bow and arrows, while a stealthy assassin can silently assassinate someone from behind. Each character needs to be developed into a powerful warrior. Even combat system requires you to keep timing in mind otherwise your shots won’t do you any good. Dark Messiah of Might and Magic rewards players who use tactics instead of brute force during combat. Complete objectives and gain experience to enhance your character even further. Get ready for a gripping storyline and smooth gameplay experience in this classic role-playing game.

Where to buy: Steam, Xbox

Works on: Xbox 360, Windows

7. Neverwinter


What is it? MMORPG.

Why you should try it: Remember the classic Dungeons & Dragons games? The books? The cartoons? Well, you don’t even have to remember any of those to enjoy the amazing Neverwinter game that takes part in the Dungeons & Dragons world. You can choose any one of the 8 different classes in this game. Each class possesses different abilities and powers that you can improve with character progression. Team up with your friends in party to raid dungeons and slay monsters. Loot powerful weapons and artifacts and indulge in the rich story of Neverwinter that keeps getting better with each new update. It’s like playing World of Warcraft on your Xbox.

Where to buy: Xbox, Steam

Works on: Xbox One, Windows

8. Risen 3


What is it? Action, RPG.

Why you should try it: Rise to the glory that awaits you in this amazing action adventure game. Get ready to face off against the most powerful creatures the world has ever known. You are the only hope for humanity who can save them from a devastating end. Get ready to show the titans that you are not an ordinary human and you can even defeat even the most powerful titans in combat. Freely roam the world, accept & complete quests at your own leisure, and also note that the choices you make for each quest will affect the outcome of each quest uniquely. Choose your faction and stay loyal to it. Level up your character for extra skills and abilities that will aid you in the combat against the titans. If you like open-world games like Skyrim then you will fall in love with the vast world Risen 3 has to offer.

Where to buy: Steam, Xbox, PlayStation

Works on: Xbox 360, PlayStation 3, PlayStation 4, Windows

9. World of Warcraft


What is it? MMORPG.

Why you should try: World of Warcraft commonly known as WoW is the best MMORPG out there. The game has one of the richest and detailed storylines you will ever see in a game. Different NPC (Non-Playable Characters) have the greatest tales to tell you. Teaming up with biggest heroes of the Warcraft universe and taking down even biggest villains is what makes this game just pure enjoyment. If you are looking for a vast world with a lot of quests and a bucket load of monsters to slay then World of Warcraft is the game for you. Customize your character in any way you like and embark on the biggest adventure of your life in this classic yet exciting game. New expansion releases soon and it brings some of the best characters back in the game.

Where to buy: Battle.net

Works on: Windows, OS X

10. Age of Conan


What is it? MMORPG.

Why you should try it: Another Massively Multiplayer Online Role-Playing Game in the list because these games offer the biggest maps that you can explore and quests that are exciting. Age of Conan is loosely based on the novels. This is more like a WoW game where you choose your character in a unique class and embark on an exciting adventure. There are hundreds of interactions and quests along the way that help you develop your character and give it more powers and abilities over time. Choose your destiny in this amazing game and live the legend of Conan.

Where to buy: Age of Conan

Works on: Windows

11. Divinity 2


What is it? Action-Adventure, RPG.

Why you should try it: Divinity 2 focuses on some of the core elements taken from popular games like Diablo and WoW. These elements include upgrading equipment, enchanting equipments, etc. The gameplay, however, is quite different because the main objective is action and the whole hack n slash thing. Completing quests, solving puzzles, and beating enemies grants you experience. The more you progress, the better you can develop your character just like any RPG out there. You can necromancy spells to summon a monster to fight alongside you, create your potions for different effects, and much more. There is a vast world full of NPCs offering quests and you can explore the world, completing quests and earning respect at the same time.

Where to buy: Steam, Xbox

Works on: Xbox 360, Windows

12. Dragon’s Dogma


What is it? Action, RPG.

Why you should try it: Dragon’s Dogma maybe a last generation game but it has received so many positive reviews from different gamers and publications that it’s a must play for everyone in the genre. The game takes part in an fantasy open-world where you can explore at your leisure and do quests when you want. Choose your faction and become the best Warrior, Sorcerer, Fighter, etc depends on which faction you choose. Each faction has a different type of combat system that gives it a unique touch. You can play with AI controlled party members who obey your commands and aid you in your quests. The game is pretty similar to Skyrim and even Capcom’s own Monster Hunter series as well which makes it a worthy game that everyone should try out.

Where to buy: Steam, Xbox, PlayStation

Works on: Xbox 360, PlayStation 3, Windows

13. Kingdoms of Amalur: Reckoning

Kingdoms of Amalur-Reckoning

What is it? Action, RPG.

Why you should try it: The developers behind this game went bankrupt after releasing this game but honestly, it’s one of the best single-player role-playing games out there. You get so many choices in this nearly 22 different abilities in each class. You can upgrade these traits and enhance your character to develop into the perfect warrior or mage. Combat system is based on countering system, you have to time your button presses to perform combos just like an action game. You can do whatever you want in this game and each action will have its consequences in the end. This is like the GTA of fantasy world so definitely a must play for everyone.

Where to buy: Steam, Xbox, PlayStation

Works on: Xbox 360, PlayStation 4, Windows

14. Gothic 3


What is it? RPG.

Why you should try it: The game is all about surviving and improving your character. You must slay the wild animals and monsters to earn extra experience and level up your character. Gain respect in your chosen faction and become the fearless warrior for your favorite faction. Help your faction attack towns and loot resources from other factions. The combat system requires real focus because you need to time your strikes to chain combos and perform devastating attacks on your enemies. Help your faction rise to the top and perform all the quests to achieve greatness in Gothic 3. Explore the open-world and experience the similarities that will remind you of Skyrim.

Where to buy: GoG

Works on: Windows

15. The Witcher 2: Assassins of Kings


What is it? Action-Adventure, RPG

Why you should try it: Geralt of Rivia is the main protagonist in this game and he’s a witcher. He used his sword fighting skills and sorcery to destroy monsters that are causing trouble in the kingdom. You are wrongly accused of assassinating the king and now it’s your job to break out of prison and prove your innocence by catching the real kingslayer (not Jaime though). If you haven’t played The Witcher 2 then you should definitely try it before picking up The Witcher 3. The story progresses from one game to the other and it will make your gameplay experience even better.

Where to buy: Steam, Xbox

Works on: Xbox 360, Xbox One (via Backward Compatibility), Windows, OS X, Linux

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Now is the time to take that arrow to the knee and take a break from Skyrim for a while. The above mentioned games should be enough to keep you occupied and take your mind off of Skyrim for a long time. If you think there are other games like Skyrim that should be in the list then feel free to mention them in the comments section below.


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  2. Best Role Play Game I have ever played. You have shared all good alternatives to this game. But I think You have missed one which is also my favorite WasteLand2. By the way, nice list and I will try one or two from the list. Thanks.