What Is the Keyboard Shortcut for Full Screen on Windows and Mac?

In Short
  • There are multiple keyboard shortcuts you can use to switch to full screen on a computer.
  • On Windows, F11 is the go-to keyboard shortcut to enter full screen, but you can also use Windows + Up arrow key to maximize a window.
  • On a Mac, you can use the Command + F shortcut or Ctrl + Command + F shortcut if the former one doesn't work.

Switching to full screen on your PC makes consuming content a tad bit immersive. Each operating system has different and multiple ways of switching to full screen. Additionally, the method of switching depends on the type of application you’re using, whether it be when playing a video in a browser or playing a game. In this guide, let’s look at all the full screen keyboard shortcuts on your Windows or macOS computers.

Full Screen Keyboard Shortcut on Windows

The most common full screen keyboard shortcut on Windows is F11. If F11 doesn’t work, use the keyboard shortcut Fn + F11. The Function or Fn key on your keyboard is typically found beside the Space bar and right Alt keys.

Full screen windows

You can also use the keyboard shortcut Windows + Up arrow key to maximize the Window in focus to make the Window utilize the total screen estate.

Switch Windowed Games to Full Screen

There are times when a game opens in Windowed mode because you changed the settings and forgot to revert them, or you mistakenly pressed other keys. The full screen keyboard shortcut for games on Windows is Alt + Enter. It needs to be pressed when the game’s window is in focus.

Here’s a rundown of all the shortcuts you can use to switch to full screen on Windows.

DescriptionKeyboard Shortcut
Enter full screen on browser and/or when watching videosF11 / Fn + F11
Make the app window use the entire screen estateWindows + Up arrow / Maximize button
Enter full screen on YouTubef
Make windowed game full screenAlt + Enter

Full Screen Shortcut on Mac

The full screen keyboard shortcut on Mac is Command + F. If that doesn’t work, try Control + Command + F or Fn + F shortcuts.

Full screen MacOS

Alternatively, you can hover over the green button at the top left of a window and select Enter Full Screen. If you’re watching a video on YouTube, press the F key to instantly enter full screen.

And those were the ways to go full screen using full screen keyboard shortcuts on Windows and Mac. Full screen is mostly used when consuming content on a browser like Chrome; Chrome has many shortcuts that can help you stay productive. Similarly, if you’re running a Chromebook, you can use the dedicated full screen key (F4). Similarly, there are ChromeOS shortcuts that make it easier to navigate the UI.

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