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U.S-China trader war intensifies: Trump imposes more tariifs on electronic goods import from China

China Plans to Ditch Windows PCs in Government Offices by 2022

The Chinese government is reportedly prepping to ditch Microsoft Windows in all government offices within the next three years. According to FT, the country...
windows 10

Windows 10’s Latest Insider Build Makes It Easy to Pair Bluetooth Devices

Pairing Bluetooth devices has never been seamless in Windows. You always needed a series of clicks to pair the device which can be exhausting...
windows start menu fluent design

Colorful Icons Are Coming to Windows 10 as Part of Microsoft Fluent Design

As an attempt to embrace the Fluent Design System, Microsoft is testing new colorful icons for its system apps, according to a leaked insider...
windows cloud reset, Cloud-Reset

You Will Be Able to Cloud-Reset Your Windows PC Soon

Microsoft is making it easier to get rid of all the old clutter in your PC. Starting with the latest Insider Preview versioned "Windows...