Flipkart Conducts Survey To Know What Users Want in Their Next Smartphone

flipkart smartphone survey ongoing

Suppose you’re looking for a new smartphone, what would be some of the most important features for you? Is it a taller display, premium glass build, or the 3.5mm headphone jack? Flipkart is on the quest to learn all about your preferences, and is currently conducting what it calls the largest smartphone survey of its kind on its mobile app.

Running with the hashtag #RealVoiceOfIndia, this could be a survey Flipkart is conducting for its in-house Billion brand, or it could be another brand tie-up like we saw with the Asus Zenfone Max survey.

The survey hopes to gather info on what users are looking for in the screen, design, camera, and storage in smartphones, among other aspects.

This seems like a great strategy to understand the market trend, but the choices offered are vague and limited. You can’t select multiple options here. If you take the very first question, for example, the e-tailer is asking for the feature your smartphone must have, but it is difficult to pick just one option as anyone would want to see all of them in an ideal phone, isn’t it? The notch being called a must-have is laughable.

If you’re interested in letting Flipkart know what all you want to see in this fictitious phone, you can head to this link from your mobile browser and fill out the survey to let them know your preferences.

The results of the smartphone survey would be declared tomorrow, August 22, so stay tuned for more updates. Is this a new Flipkart phone? Or just another brand partnership? Tell us in the comments down below.

SOURCE Twitter/ Flipkart
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