Fix PUBG Dev Letter Highlights Improvements in Update 21 For PC Players


PUBG for PC just received a massive new update which brings a ton of new features, improvements and bug fixes for the game. Along with the new training mode, weapon, attachment and vehicle, the update includes some major changes to the Survival Supply System and a restructured BP system. Changes to the supply and BP system are part of the developer’s Fix PUBG campaign which aims to address all the major issues with the game.

The game’s developers announced the Fix PUBG campaign early in August, outlining a roadmap of the company’s plans to tackle all the major issues plaguing the game. The first update as part of the Fix PUBG campaign was released later in August which included changes to cheating reports, allowing players to report teammates or enemies they suspected of cheating.

The latest update for PUBG on PC (update 21) also includes two new changes which are part of the Fix PUBG campaign – the new Survival Supply System and a restructured BP system. Here’s a quick look at how these new features aim to improve your experience in game:

Survival Supply System

According to the dev letter, the new survival supply system will work a lot like the Event Pass feature, with the exception that there won’t be a max level and no optional premium pass to purchase. With the new system in place, players will be able to gain survival levels by filling the survival gauge, which in turn will earn them temporary or permanent items.


The dev letter further adds that:

“There will be daily and weekly Survival missions that grant bonus amounts of XP and help you get through those levels faster, but you will also earn XP simply by playing, and surviving, in-game. These missions reset every day or week depending on the type of mission and there’s an option to manually refresh the list a fixed number of times if you find that you do not like your missions.”

Restructured BP System

The team has also changed the way BP is awarded to players in game with update 21. Up until now, BP was awarded to players based on a couple of factors, including Rank reward, Kill reward and Damage reward. This meant that the amount of BP rewarded could differ quite a lot from game to game.


In order to address the issues and award players a more consistent amount of BP, the game will now also take into account the overall playtime. With the latest update, BP rewards will be calculated taking into account kills, damage dealt, final rank and total play time. If you wish to get into the exact details on how BP will be rewarded with the latest update, you can head on to the dev letter which briefly explains the calculations.

With the latest update, PUBG has now fixed two more major issues with the game. But that’s not all, the developers have been hard at work addressing a variety of other minor issues that have been troubling players. Check out the Fix PUBG website in order to stay up to date with all the issues that the developers have already fixed and all the fixes that are currently inbound.

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