How to Fix Lack of Entertainment in Manor Lords

In Short
  • Lack of Entertainment in the village occurs when there isn't anything for your villagers in Manor Lords to socialize in.
  • To fix this, you build a Tavern, which runs after you process Barley into Ale in a Malthouse.
  • To get Barley, you must build a Barley farm or import Barley through Trading post.

As you would already expect, building larger settlements in Manor Lords also comes with a chance of its approval rating dropping. This mostly happens due to a lack of entertainment in your Manor Lords village. Sadly, the game doesn’t outright tell you about it and doesn’t properly offer solutions, either. So, if you seem stuck here, keep reading as I show you how to fix the lack of entertainment in Manor Lords right now.

Manor Lords Lack of Entertainment: Causes and Fix

A Tavern in Manor Lords fixes the lack of entertainment problem

As you might already be able to tell, the lack of entertainment in Manor Lords occurs when your citizens are unhappy with the lack of fun in the village. Thankfully, the game lets you see the exact number of people who are upset.

Since Manor Lords doesn’t really have TikTok, we need to fix the lack of entertainment by building a Tavern. This handy structure is found under the residential tab in Construction and costs five Logs.

Building one will help eliminate the lack of entertainment in Manor Lords. Besides just building a tavern, however, you need to learn how to properly manage it.

How to Efficiently Use the Tavern in Manor Lords

Build a Malthouse with enough Barley to function the Tavern and remove lack of entertainment in your Manor Lords region

Don’t close the guide just yet, as you need to go through a few more steps. For starters, you’ll have to build another structure to ensure your Tavern works. The Malthouse is required to produce Ale, which naturally fuels the Tavern. You can build Malthouse for four Logs under the Industry tab of Construction. However, to run the Malthouse, you’ll need Barley. For that, there are two ways to obtain Barley in-game:

  • Build a Barley farm: The best way to produce Barley is through farming. If you see that the Barley fertility is good in your region, just like Emmer, you can build a few farms. Then, Barley will be assigned as the crop to produce on the farm. Remember to Fallow the field between every crop growth season. Otherwise, the soil fertility will drop.
  • Trade Barley: If you have enough regional wealth, you can set up a tradepost and trade Barley from other regions. In my game, the import price per Barley was 12 gold. Import as much Barley as necessary and let the Malthouse do its magic. You can export your excess resources to the village to create regional wealth. Then, import Barley.

The best process here is to farm Barley in your region for one year, Fallow the field, and import Barley during the Fallowing season. That way, your Malthouse will keep running, resulting in a functioning Tavern, ultimately fixing the lack of entertainment in Manor Lords.

I hope you were able to fix the lack of entertainment in your Manor Lords village. On the off-chance you’re still having issues, drop your questions in the comments below!

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