How to Fix Manor Lords Hunters Not Hunting

In Short
  • Hunters in Manor Lords stop hunting because of reasons like low resources and poor family and job management.
  • You can fix the problem by ensuring the hunting zone hasn't shifted to a new area and your hunters haven't exhausted their resources by overhunting.
  • You can stop the problem for good by assigning a family to a storehouse and another to the camp.

Like many other elements in Manor Lords, Hunters are an important early-game resource generator you don’t want to ignore. These hunters stand between you and famine, ensuring your villagers can eat well and eventually create good clothes. However, a lot of Manor Lords players are finding their hunters are simply not hunting. Are you one of the many plagued by such issues? Well, keep reading I show you exactly how to fix that.

Manor Lords Hunters Not Hunting: Causes

An empty hunter's lodge

Every time a map in Manor Lords is generated, your region will have an area where wild animals roam. To ensure your first few settlers prosper, you can set up a hunting camp near this area to let villagers hunt for food and hide for leather. However, in some cases, you’ll see your Hunters stop hunting for good. This happens even after you assign two families to the task.

There can be many causes for hunters not hunting Manor Lords. However, the most likely cause is that you’ve exhausted the hunting limit compared to the wild animals in the region. The default hunting limit in Manor Lords starts out at 20. If your villagers exceed it this naturally results in animals dying out and not being able to reproduce.

While in some cases, hunters not hunting could be due to a bug, it’s most likely due to the reason above.

How to Fix Hunters Not Working in Manor Lords

I know how annoying this problem is. Besides it being a bug, there are some ways to fix this pesky issue. Follow the steps below for that:

  • Ensure your camp is connected to the road: There’s a chance you missed connecting the road between the hunter’s camp and your settlement. Ensure you build a proper road between the two structures so your hunters begin hunting.
  • Set Hunting Limits for Animals: As we mentioned above, every area in Manor Lords has an animal hunting limit. To ensure your villagers don’t exceed that, set a hunting limit below that number. Click on the hunter’s lodge to set a hunting limit and adjust the number.
  • Check if your animals have migrated: Animals in Manor Lords will sometimes migrate, permanently changing the hunting zone. Ensure that the hunters’ lodge has access to the new zone by shifting it if needed.
  • Ensure proper family assignment: Sometimes, when you assign a family to hunt, they’ll open a shop in the market. This slows production, as the family has to hunt and store items in the granary and then sell them to the market. Hence, assign at least one person to the granary and one extra hand to the hunter’s camp. That will clear the bottleneck and allow you to continue production.
  • Ensure your lodge is connected
  • Ensure the hunting zone is nearby
  • Set hunting limits for hunters

I hope you now know how to fix the hunters not hunting in Manor Lords. Once fixed, I recommend beginning with the best tips and tricks for the game and then moving on to the best development points in Manor Lords.

So are your hunters hunting now? Let us know in the comments below!

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