How to Make Ale in Manor Lords

In Short
  • Ale in Manor Lords is an important commodity that ensures your villager's happiness at the Tavern.
  • You'll require a crop named Barley to produce Ale, which is then processed into this item.
  • To make Ale, ensure you have enough Barley in your village and process it either at a Malthouse or at a Brewery.

If you’ve played Manor Lords, you must have realized by now that you need to create a host of items to survive and thrive. One such item in the game is Ale, which is closely tied to the few systems and your villagers’ happiness. If you’re a new player in need of some ale but don’t know how to make it, then keep reading, and I’ll show you how right here!

Manor Lords Ale: What Is It and Uses

A Tavern in Manor Lords fixes the lack of entertainment problem
Ale gets used at the Tavern in Manor Lords

Ale is a commodity used to increase your villagers’ approval rating in Manor Lords. Its production holds the utmost importance to ensure your villagers stay happy and content throughout the years. Remember the crop, Barley? That gets processed to create this item. Ale is then transported to a Tavern in your village to ensure citizens stay happy while drinking it.

Ultimately, this item is one of the deciding factors to ensure your citizens are happy, keeping a high approval rating of your governance. So, focus on processing and creating some Ale. Once you have ale in your storage, you can build a tavern and let the item be transported to the structure.

With a steady supply and production of the item, you’ll see your villagers becoming happier every day. After all, some alcohol in the stomachs of hard-working people does wonders.

How to Make Ale in Manor Lords

While making Ale itself is quite easy, the systems can get complicated. That’s because you must maintain the structures properly to ensure you produce enough for everyone. Here’s how to do so:

  • Set up a Barley farm: Find a spot with rich soil fertility and create a large field for Barley farming. Ensure you make multiple fields for crop rotation and soil fertility. I suggest unlocking the Heavy Plow and Fertilization development points whenever possible.
  • Import Barley instead: If you don’t have fertile soil to farm Barley, you must import it through a Trading Post. One Barley costs 12 regional wealth.
  • Build a Malthouse: This structure processes any Barley into Ale. The Malthouse requires 4 timber and is under the industry tab in construction. Once ready, assign a family to it. If you have enough Barley, the family will start making Ale.

Alternatively, you can convert a level 3 Burgage into a Brewery if you don’t want to build a Malthouse. This will allow that particular house to produce ale from the available barley. However, the downside is that the family living in that Burgage will permanently get assigned to that work.

  • Create a Barley Farm
  • Trade Barley
  • Get a Malthouse
  • A Level 3 House will do

Congratulations! You now know how to make ale in Manor Lords! From here onwards, create a Tavern and assign a family to the structure. You’ll see your regional approval rating going higher as more people start accessing the structure to enjoy some alcohol.

Know any other methods to make ale? Let us know in the comments below!

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