This Mini PC Has an Apple Mac Studio Inspired Design!

FEVN FN60G Mini PC launched
In Short
  • FEVM FN60G Mini PC has been released, starting at 2599 RMB (~$367).
  • It has Apple Mac Studio inspired looks & aesthetics.
  • Supports LGA 1700 CPUs (12th/13th/14th Gen) and up to RTX 4060 graphics.

FEVM is a China-based Mini PC manufacturer. The company has just unveiled its new FEVM FN60G Mini PC series, and this is definitely one of the more unique Mini PCs to have come out recently.

As you can see, the FEVM FN60G Mini PC features a very minimal design. It looks very similar to Apple’s Mac Studio. The FEVM company definitely wanted to give users their own PC Studio through this new product. Even the ventilation holes in the PC for better cooling look very similar to Apple’s Mac Studio. The FEVM FN60G Mini PC does have more ventilation, though, with holes placed on the side as well, which the Mac Studio lacks.

It supports up to the latest Intel 14th Gen desktop CPUs. By extension, since the motherboard of this Mini PC has an LGA 1700 socket, it also supports Intel 13th Gen and Intel 12th Gen processors. However, this Mini PC will not be available with 14th Gen CPUs pre-installed at the launch. For now, users can buy it with 12th/13th Gen CPUs.

FEVM FN60G Mini PC cpu support, specifications and gpu variants
FEVN FN60G Mini PC Specifications | Image Courtesy: FEVN

According to the specifications page (via: of this new Mini PC, it has an Intel B760 chipset motherboard. By the way, while it can run desktop CPUs and even features removing & installing a new CPU, you cannot run any LGA 1700 CPU here past the 100W power limit.

The cooling capacity (provided by 4+4 heat pipes) is limited to 100W. So, you are limited to non-K series processors from Intel – such as i7-13700/13700F and several others that don’t feature high power limits.

The FEVM FN60G Mini PC can be configured with various different GPU options. It also supports the latest features such as PCIe 4.0 SSD, WiFi 6 connectivity, DDR5 RAM, and USB 3.2 Gen 2 port. It is powered by a GaN-based power supply.

The GPU options include AMD Radeon RX 6600M (8GB), Intel Arc A380 (6GB), AMD Radeon RX 550 (4GB), and lastly Nvidia GeForce RTX 4060 (8GB). The RTX 4060 variant will be the best pick overall, but this specific model will launch later.

FEVM FN60G Mini PC: Price & Availability

FEVM FN60G Mini PC ports
Image Courtesy: FEVM

The current product listings of FEVM FN60G Mini PC show it is available with up to Intel Core i7-13700F processor. This FEVM FN60G Mini PC starts at 2599 RMB ($364) for a barebones unit (without any RAM or storage). For the RX 6600M GPU variant, the price goes up to 3499 RMB ($490). Pricing for the RTX 4060 Model is not yet available.

For now, other variants are available to buy in a pre-sale. The CPU compatibility list does not include new Intel Core Ultra processors, which are exclusive to laptops. However, the ASRock company has, in fact, made a Mini PC with a Core Ultra processor that you can check out here. Overall, many exciting Mini PCs are launching, and I am all about it!

What are your thoughts on the FEVM FN60G Mini PC? Let us know in the comments below.

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  • Daniel kerovec says:

    Barebones is such a catch, why can’t they complete the job. It’s like buying a car without the engine, no thanks.

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