3 Fall Detection Apps for iPhone You Should Use in 2024

In Short
  • There are several paid and free iPhone fall detection apps available on the App Store.
  • Apple offers a Fall Detection feature that allows an Apple Watch and the synced iPhone to detect a fall while the user is wearing the watch.
  • The top 3 fall detection apps for iOS include FallCall Detect, Fall Alert, and EpiCentr.

While your iPhone can’t prevent falls or detect 100% falls, it can help you inform your family and receive immediate medical care when needed. In this article, we’ll share with you the 3 iPhone fall detection apps that should be on your radar in 2024. Without any ado, let’s explore them.

1. FallCall Detect

FallCall Detect

If you’re searching for a well-rounded personal safety app for iPhone with fall detection support, look no further than the FallCall Detect. It’s a comprehensive safety app for iOS that provides 24/7 emergency monitoring where trained emergency medical dispatchers offer customer service and emergency help when needed.

One of the best features of this iOS app is the Smart Fall detection which differentiates falls based on how severe they are. If a high-impact standing fall is detected, the app’s monitoring services will respond and send emergency services if needed. On the flip side, when a low-impact sitting fall is detected, only a user’s Care Group is contacted. Elders or patients are allowed to pair up to 5 caregivers. Whereas, a caregiver may pair up to two elders. Therefore, you can easily use this safety app to monitor your parents.

This iPhone fall detection app also works with Kwikset smart locks so the first responders can easily gain entry to a person’s home in case of an emergency. If your hands are full or you just can’t head to the door to open the lock, just open the FallCall app and shake your iPhone. It will automatically unlock your Kiwiset Halo lock. Other standout features of this fall detection app include Siri-activated help calls and over 16 hours of fall detection on the latest Apple Watch models.

Smart Fall DetectionNot available in all countries or regions
Support Apple Crash Detection on iPhone 14 or later
Siri activated help calls
Integration with the Health app

2. Fall Alert- My Medic Watch

3 Fall Detection Apps for iPhone You Should Use in 2024

Here comes another fall-detection app for iPhone that automatically detects any falls from an Apple Watch and sends notifications to caregivers. The app uses innovative algorithms to detect if the wearer has a fall and immediately activate emergency assistance. All you have to do is download this safety app on an Apple Watch and your iPhone. The Fall Alert app lets you sign up as a patient or a caregiver. You just have to fill in basic personal details and you’re sorted.

Whenever the wearer has a fall, the app will automatically notify all nominated caregivers of the user’s location, without any manual intervention. In addition, if the wearer is feeling unwell and requires some help, he can activate the assistance manually by pressing a button on the smartwatch. So, you always have peace of mind that your parents or other family members who are susceptible to falls can continue to live independently.

Uses algorithms to deliver emergency assistanceThe interface could be improved
Automatically sends notifications & user’s location to caregivers
Compatible with Apple Watch and other smartwatches
Includes a 30-day free trial

3. EpiCentr: Seizure Tracker App

EpiCentr ios app

If your family member or a loved one suffers from seizure disorders, and you want to ensure that you’re always there when they need you, this iOS safety app is all you need. The EpiCentr app closely monitors seizure-like triggers, including abnormal heart rate, tonic-clonic seizures, and different types of falls. When any of these triggers are detected, the app initiates a delayed alert. If not manually canceled within 30 seconds, the alert is automatically sent to your emergency contacts. When the help request is sent, the app automatically shares your GPS location.

In addition to automatic detection, this iPhone fall detection app also allows you to send manual alerts. There are two options, Help Now, which instantly sends a notification, and Delayed Help, which starts a 30-second countdown before sending the alert.

There’s a built-in journal to record side effects, add personal notes, and track auras. The app automatically captures seizure records, and you can edit or add any details. Over time, the app offers detailed reports so you can easily share them with a doctor or healthcare provider.

Ability to monitor seizure-like triggersEssential features are locked behind the premium version
Allows you to send manual alerts via iPhone
Provides detailed statistics reports for doctors
Offers a built-in journal to track vital information
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