Fairy Pokemon Weakness, Resistance and Strength

In Short
  • Bringing a Fairy Pokemon will let you fight better against fighting, dragon, and Dark-type Pokemon.
  • Unfortunately, if you are up against a Steel or Poison-type Pokemon, they'll find difficulty fighting them.
  • However, Flying Pokemon have a similar resistance to their strengths, resisting Fighting, Dragon, and Bug-type attacks.

One of the rarer Pokemon to catch in the wild, Fairy Pokemon is one of the newer Pokemon types in the series. Fairy Pokemon have some of the cutest and most powerful monsters at once. However, like other Pokemon, they, too, come with their set of strengths and weaknesses. If you happen to have a fairy monster in your roster and want to know what to do, keep reading!

Fairy Pokemon Weaknesses

Fairy Pokemon weaknesses

While your Clefairy can withstand damage from Dragonair and Machamp, the same cannot be said when fighting against a Ghastly or a Bedlum. This is because the weaknesses of fairy Pokemon include poison and steel-type.

Of course, it isn’t like your Clefairy won’t do damage at all. But when your fairy Pokemon will indeed take twice the damage from the above types, keep that in mind.

Fairy Pokemon Resistance

Fairy Pokemon are strong against a myriad of monsters. As such, they are resistant to fighting, bug and dark Pokemon. Hence, if your Clefairy faces any Pokemon belonging to these Pokemon types, your experience will be pleasant. Another thing to remember is that Fairy Pokemon are completely immune to Dragon-type monsters.

Fairy Pokemon Strengths

Fairy Pokemon were first added in the sixth generation of Pokemon games. Suppose you have a Clefairy in your team. Well, the best thing to know is that fairy Pokemon like it are strong against fighting, dragon, or dark-type Pokemon. If you bring over your Clefairy to fight a Dragonair or Machamp, you’ll fare much better than expected.

Since this Pokemon type was added pretty late in the game cycle, it never got an update. Hence, a Fairy Pokemon’s strengths have stayed the same over the years.

So how has your experience with Fairy Pokemon been? Let us know in the comments below!

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