The Facebook Website Now Lets You Add Photos from Your Mobile; Here’s How It Works

Facebook Now Lets You Add Photos from Your Mobile on Web

There’s never a dearth of new features being added to Facebook to improve the user experience. The company has added various features, including new prompts before sharing articles, sound-based emojis, and Clubhouse-like Live Audio Rooms earlier this year. And now, Facebook has added a new ‘Add photos from your mobile device’ button to its desktop platform. It lets users select photos from their smartphone to upload them via the website.

This new Facebook feature is a nifty addition to the web platform. It enables you to draft a post on the desktop, giving you a bigger canvas, while letting you quickly add photos from your smartphone. So, here is how you can upload photos to the Facebook web platform from your mobile device:

How to Add Photos From Mobile on Facebook Web (2021)

Before getting to the steps to uploading photos from your mobile device on the desktop, it is worth mentioning that the Facebook app on your mobile device needs to be up to date. So, be sure to update the app from the Google Play Store or App Store before moving forward. Moreover, you need to be logged into the same Facebook account on your mobile and website to use the feature.

Now, with that out of the way, here are the steps to add photos from a mobile device on Facebook’s web platform.

1. Open Facebook in your favorite browser on your computer and log into your account.

2. From the home feed, click the “Photo/ Video” button under the “What’s on your mind?” post creation text box at the top.

The Facebook Website Now Lets You Add Photos from Your Mobile; Here’s How It Works

3. The “Create post” pop-up window will then open-up on your screen. Here, you will find a new “Add photos from your mobile device” option, located right below the “Add Photos/ Videos” option on Facebook.

Facebook Now Lets You Add Photos from Mobile Devices on Web; Here's How to Use It

4. Now, to upload photos to the Facebook website from your mobile device, click the “Add” button.

The Facebook Website Now Lets You Add Photos from Your Mobile; Here’s How It Works

5. Now, move to your smartphone and open the Facebook app. Go to the “Notifications” tab from the bottom navigation bar. You will find a new notification, saying that “you can continue adding photos to your post”.

Facebook Now Lets You Add Photos from Mobile Devices on Web; Here's How to Use It

6. Tap the notification to bring up the photo-selection page in the Facebook mobile app. Select the images you want to upload and tap the “Done” button at the top right. After that, tap the “Done” button next to the “Add More Photos” button on the next page to make all these photos available on the web platform.

The Facebook Website Now Lets You Add Photos from Your Mobile; Here’s How It Works

7. You will now see the photos selected on your mobile device show up in your post on the Facebook website right away. Add a caption, and click the “Post” button to share your photos on the social media platform.

Facebook Now Lets You Add Photos from Mobile Devices on Web; Here's How to Use It

This way, you can easily share photos and videos available on your smartphone through the Facebook desktop website. Furthermore, you can add more photos in the post from your smartphone, even after selecting the initial ones.

Upload Mobile Photos to Facebook Website Posts

That’s pretty much it! This is a pretty cool feature that might come in handy for many users like myself who like to keep photos and videos stored on a smartphone rather than transferring them to a desktop or a laptop. The feature is currently live on the Facebook web client as well as the mobile app. So, give it a try using the above steps and let us know your thoughts in the comments below.

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  • BR says:

    I figured it out. On your device, open the facebook app > settings & privacy > settings > under preferences choose ‘notifications’ > other notifications > toggle this to on (you can choose push, email, sms; push is all you need to see notification for adding photos). Log out of facebook on your device, log back in, try ‘add photos from device’ again on your computer on your post and it should now generate a notification for you and get access to your camera roll 🙂 If you hit no on a pop up notifications for games etc at some point recently, this is what stops that ‘add photos from device’ from generating the notification.

  • Garry says:

    This is a bloody nuisance, as people have pointed out above. It will not allow pictures on a laptop to download to Facebook, because it demands “Add from a Mobile”. The other alternative simply, to choose a file from the laptop, is not visible. So much for all the self congratulations, eh guys!

  • A J says:

    No notification for me either, even though I have them on everywhere that I can verify.

    • BR says:

      I figured it out, see my comment on this thread.

  • Laura says:

    I am not getting a notification on my Facebook Mobile app. Desktop just keeps spinning…. wish someone would answer why this is working for some and not for others. I have Samsung S20 FE

    • A J says:

      Same here. Wish someone had a reason. I am recalling I optioned Facebook not to allow notifications from/for “games”. I wonder if this is part of that.

      • BR says:

        Yes, that was it. I just figured it out though, see my comment on this thread.

    • Lia Lloyd says:

      It use to work and quit a few months ago. Samsung S10+ & W11

  • Nancy says:

    same problem,,,i have thousands of photos on my laptop that i cant add to now,,,,,how do we do that instead of only being given the choice of adding from mobile phone? grrrrrr

  • Brian Smith says:

    Now it won’t let me add photos from my computer! Only from my cellphone!!

    • Jon says:

      Same here – the pics I want o add are NOT ON MY phone – they are on my computer…
      Just when I think I couldn’t loathe Facebook more than I do, they manage to prove me wrong.

      • Alice Mutasa says:

        Did you manage to fix this? It’s driving me insane – my photos are on my Macbook, NOT my phone! And in any case there is NO notification either on my phone OR my iPad which allows me to continue posting photos. I HATE Facebook!

  • Debbie Holler says:

    How do you reverse it. I want to post a photo from the desktop and it say mobile only. How can that be switched back?

  • Katherine says:

    Very useful, thank you very much!!!

  • Jory Fisher says:

    Very well explained but unfortunately the “you can now add photos” notification isn’t showing up for me even though I have the most recent FB app on my iPhone. Any suggestions?

    • chenny says:

      mine also

  • thisstar says:

    Very well explained! I was looking for an explanation on how to do this and i came here via google. Just posted a photo and I’m happy i can do it. Thank you!

  • Tejal says:

    Wow, it’s an interesting blog. Thank you for sharing such a great blog. It’s very useful for us. Keep sharing.

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