Facebook Keeps Logging Me Out — How to Fix?

Facebook might be losing traction among users these days, but it remains, for me, the place to go to for watching funny animal videos, and heartwarming rescue stories. However, getting logged out of your Facebook account when you’re watching a cute cat (or dog) video can prove to be an upsetting experience. If you’re someone who’s facing random logouts on Facebook, you’ve come to the right place. In this article, we have shared a few things you can try out to fix Facebook when it is automatically logging you out.

8 Fixes When Facebook Keeps Logging You Out (2022)

1. Clear Browser Cookies

Corrupted cookies could lead to expired browsing sessions on websites you have logged in to, including Facebook. To solve this, you should clear the browser’s cookies. To clear cookies on Edge, visit Privacy, search, and services -> Clear browsing data -> Choose what to clear and clear “Cookies and other site data”. If you are a Chrome user, you can check our linked guide to delete cookies on Google Chrome.

2. Wipe Facebook Cache

If Facebook is logging you out from your phone, you could try clearing the app’s cache. Long-press the Facebook app from the app drawer and tap “App Info” to access Facebook’s App Info page. Once you’re there, tap “Storage & cache” and press “Clear cache” to clear Facebook’s cache.

3. Check Active Sessions

If you’re unusually getting signed out of Facebook, it is possible that someone else has access to your account. You can check your active Facebook sessions to confirm if your account is logged in to a new device you’re not familiar with. To check active Facebook sessions, visit Settings -> Security and login -> Where you’re logged in and look for unrecognized devices. If you find an unrecognized device, remove it and change your Facebook password.

4. Review Connected Third-party Apps

Also something worth checking is your connected apps. You might have allowed third-party apps and websites to access your Facebook account to sign up for their service. While this is not an issue with trusted third-party integrations, it could be a security risk when you sign in on untrustworthy services. To review your connected apps, head to Settings -> Apps and websites and remove access to services you don’t recognize.

5. Check Suspicious Browser Extensions

You could review the installed browser extensions to check if you recently installed malicious ones. To view your installed browser extensions, visit chrome://extensions for Chrome, edge://extensions for Edge, and about:addons for Firefox. Speaking of browser extensions, you will find trusted browser extensions in our list of the best Google Chrome extensions.

6. Disable Ad blocker

An incompatible ad blocker could also result in expired Facebook sessions. You could try disabling your ad blocker or signing in from incognito mode to make sure that the ad blocker is not the reason why Facebook is logging you out. You could also consider allowing Facebook in the ad blocker to avoid compatibility issues.

7. Enable Auto-Login

If you want to stay signed in to your account, you can use Facebook’s auto-login feature. Check the “Remember password” checkbox when you’re signing in and you’re all set. With this feature, you can click your profile picture from the login screen to directly sign in without having to enter the password. While it is convenient, make sure you are using it on your personal system and not one you share with peers.

8. Update Facebook App

If none of the steps helped you, you could try updating the Facebook app, in case a new update is what’s logging you out from the account. Open the Facebook app’s listing on Play Store and App Store and update the app. You could also try uninstalling Facebook and reinstalling it if the update didn’t fix the problem.

Stay Logged in on Facebook

So, that brings us to the end of our guide to fix Facebook when it’s automatically logging you out. We hope these fixes helped you get back to an uninterrupted Facebook browsing experience. Whether it was clearing browser cache and cookies, or simply updating the app, do let us know what method worked for you in solving this issue. By the way, if Facebook has disabled your account, we have a separate guide that you can check out to recover locked Facebook account.

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