Microsoft Edge’s Update Brings Improvements to Collections, Translations, and More

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Microsoft Edge is quite regular with updates and the Redmond giant has yet again announced more improvements for the browser. The Chromium-based Microsoft Edge browser will soon be getting a bunch of new features. These include improvements to Edge’s collections feature, among other things.

New Features in Microsoft Edge

1. Easy Switching Between Work and Personal Profiles

Managing work and personal life on the same computer can be a hassle. However, it’s also the reality that most of us are facing while working from home. Edge is trying to make that aspect of your life easier with automatic switching between work and personal profiles. Basically, if you’re using work and personal profiles in Edge, the browser will automatically open work links in the work profile. That will happen even if you open a work link while browsing with your personal profile. Neat right? The feature is available now, and you can access it by heading to ‘Multiple profile preferences’ in your Profile settings.

2. Collections on Mobile

I use Edge as my primary browser on my laptop, and one of the really useful features in Microsoft Edge is the Collections tab built in to the browser. This lets me organise my research better, and access it whenever I want to. Now, that same experience is coming to smartphones as well. While I don’t do a lot of research on my phone, this should prove handy for collecting all the recipes I’m trying out these days.

3. Notes in Collections

Collections are also getting more powerful. Recently, Edge brought Pinterest integration into Collections, and now, you can add notes to items within Collections. These notes can come in handy if there is something you want to ensure you remember about that particular item.

4. Listen to PDF Files

Edge is also getting Read Aloud for PDF. This feature will help people who find it easier to listen to, rather than read documents. Moreover, you can now edit a PDF file and save it back to the original instead of having to save a new copy every time you make an edit.

5. Translate Web Pages into 54 Languages

Microsoft Edge can now translate web pages into 54 languages. The feature works inside the Immersive Reader in Microsoft Edge.

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