Diligent Robots’ Moxi Is Helping Nurses and Clinicians in Hospitals to Fight COVID-19

Moxi feat.

With the pace robotics and AI are evolving, looks like it won’t be distant to see robots in neighbourhoods, doing chores. Well, Texas-based robot-makers, Diligent Robots’ Moxi is doing just the same right now. Doing chores in a hospital, to help the nurses and doctors focus on COVID-19 patients.

Developed by an exceptionally enthusiast team, Moxi is one unique robot helper that has become an actual member of the team. Seriously, you can find her name along with all the other team members’ names on their official website. Started and led by Andrea Thomaz and Vivian Chu, the company works with AI technologies and robotics to create household intelligent robots.

Moxi with Andrea Thomaz & Vivian Chu | Image: Diligent Robots

Moxi is one of their creations and now it is commercially working in hospitals, helping out doctors and nurses by carrying out non-patient-facing tasks like providing nurses with supplies, stocking up rooms, clear out the garbage, delivering medicine and much more. This way, the doctors and nurses are able to give extra attention to the patients. Moxi can navigate the hospitals using it’s wheels, give space for any incoming patients and even recognise familiar faces.

Before completely making it commercial, the company beta tested, or shall I say, trained the robot in doing the chores. According to CEO, Andrea Thomaz, at first, Moxi was deployed in four hospitals for a span of 120 days. There, it worked with hundreds of nurses and clinicians learning how to carry out the tasks.

Now, one of the best thing about Moxi is that amidst the Novel Coronavirus pandemic, Moxi is the only employee of the hospitals who cannot get infected with COVID-19 nor spread it. It is a perfect example of the robot-human ecosystem.

As the Novel Coronavirus continues to spread in the US, Spain, Italy and so many other countries, global medical facilities are facing a disastrous time. We need Moxi and similar robots right now more than ever.

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