Diablo 4: What Are Uber Unique Items and How to Get Them

Uber unique items are new items in Diablo 4 that will make your painstakingly curated builds better. So, if you are running a Necromancer or Barbarian build in Diablo 4, you can make your builds even more powerful with these rare items. But, procuring these uber unique items is a whole other thing. While many might think that getting a Uber unique item is simpler after a recent bug in the game, it still is not. With the advent of Diablo 4 season 1, learn about these uber unique items and how they are substantial for your builds.

What are Uber Unique Items in Diablo 4


Uber unique items in Diablo 4 are the rarest items a player can get in the game. These come with the highest amount of stats tied to them, and players get them just like any other drop in the game. Since uber unique items are the rarest of the rare, only a handful of them exists in the game. This makes them an even more sought-after item out of the usual in the game. Currently, the game has a total of seven uber unique items, ranging from armor to various body parts.

Uber Unique Item NameWhat it Does
DoombringerIt is a unique sword that deals 1241 damage per second. Doombringer deals 903-1355 damage per hit, 1.10 attacks per second, and +17.5% critical strike damage
Andariel’s VisageA unique helm with 1025 armor. Andariel’s Visage provides +16 stats to all attributes, +9.2% attack speed, +2% life steal, and 36.5% poison resistance
Ring of Starless SkiesA uber unique ring item that provides 25% cold and fire resistance in Diablo 4
Harlequin CrestA unique helm that provides 1025 armor. It gives 1045 maximum life, 4.8% cooldown reduction, 8.5% resource generation, and +25 all stats
Melted Heart of SeligMelted Heart of Selig is a unique amulet that provides 18.5% resistance to all elements
The GrandfatherA unique two-handed sword that deals 2484 damage per second. It deals 1987 to 2981 damage per hit, 1.00 attack per second, and +35% critical strike damage
Ahavarion, Spear of LycanderA unique spear that deals crowd-controlled damage from somewhere between 6% to 35%. Additionally, the weapon provides a 2-16% critical strike chance, 2-20% attack speed, and 2-35% damage. This uber unique item also provides a random Shrine effect every thirty seconds

How to Get Uber Unique Items in Diablo 4

As revealed by Adam Jackson, the Lead Class Designer for Diablo 4 at Blizzard, on Twitter, the only way to get uber unique items in Diablo 4 is by taking out an enemy that is level 85 or above. The only way you will even get enemies of that level is when you are in Diablo 4 World Tier 4 and are level 80 or above.

Furthermore, there are no criteria involved to grab yourself a Uber Unique item in Diablo 4. Except, maybe a better RNG luck since this drops like any usual item in Diablo 4.

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