DeepMusic is an Alexa Skill that Plays Music Generated by AI

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Artificial Intelligence has been one of the hottest topics of research in the tech world for quite a long time now, and we’re seeing increasingly awe-inspiring (and sometimes scarily so) developments in the field. AI has been used to find exoplanets in space, predict heart diseases, figure out the best times for candid shots, and a lot more.

Now a new Alexa skill called DeepMusic is here to make us listen to music created by an AI. From scratch. Without any human post-production.

DeepMusic is easy to use. Simply enable it on your Alexa-powered device, and then say ‘Alexa, ask DeepMusic to play a song’, or ‘Alexa, tell DeepMusic to play audio’, and DeepMusic will start playing AI generated music for you.

DeepMusic is an Alexa Skill that Plays Music Generated by AI

If you have an Echo Spot or an Echo Show, the skill also shows artwork on the display while playing music, and this artwork is also the work of an AI, according to the developer.

I tried the skill out on my Echo Dot at home, and the music it plays is actually pretty good, especially considering an AI made it from scratch using its own sense of musical theory. It’s rather impressive, to be honest.

If you have an Echo device or a Eufy Genie, or any other Alexa powered speaker, I’d suggest you give this skill a shot because it’s honestly impressive what AI is already able to achieve. We’ll definitely see a lot of improvement in AI going into the future, and maybe, just maybe we get a much better composer. After all, our sentient AI robot overlords will need some good music to listen to once they’ve enslaved us all… or maybe not. Guess we’ll just have to wait and see.

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