Deadpool and Wolverine: Will Cable Be In Deadpool 3?

In Short
  • Deadpool 2 ending made it clear that Cable is stranded in Deadpool's timeline.
  • There has been no confirmation of Josh Brolin reprising his role as Cable for Deadpool 3, so he's unlikely to be in the movie.
  • However, there have been reports that Cable will appear in some other future MCU projects.

The trailer for Deadpool and Wolverine is out now, and it took the internet by storm. From YouTube to Twitter and Instagram, all we could see was Deadpool 3 and how excited everyone was for the upcoming movie. However, the trailer left many fans wondering about the appearance of Josh Brolin’s Cable in Deadpool and Wolverine. So, is it going to happen or not?

Deadpool and Wolverine: Will Cable Be In Deadpool 3?
Image Courtesy: IMDb

If you have watched the movies that came before Deadpool and Wolverine, by the end of Deadpool 2, Cable uses the last of his time machine fuel to go back home to save Deadpool from dying. Since we do not have a confirmation of him making it back to his time, fans assume that he is still stranded in Deadpool’s timeline. This is the primary reason why there are talks about his appearance in the upcoming movie.

Although, no matter how interesting this sounds, it is highly unlikely that Cable will appear in Deadpool 3. According to a tweet by insider MyTimeToShineHello, Cable will not be in Deadpool 3 but might have an appearance in upcoming movies in the MCU.

However, even though Josh Brolin is not going to reprise his role, he will still play a part in the adventures of Deadpool. According to certain reports, Deadpool will use Cable’s time machine to travel through time throughout the movie.

If you ask me, it only makes sense for Marvel to not include Cable in Deadpool 3. The reason Disney would not want to include Josh in Deadpool 3 could be his role as Thanos in MCU’s Infinity Saga. Even though a fair share of cameos in Deadpool 3 are expected, it would have been nice to see him back but even without Cable I am super hyped for Deadpool 3, and I guess so are you.

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