Is Deadpool Immortal in the MCU? Answered

When we talk about Deadpool, he has a reputation for being extremely annoying to his enemies, not just because he never stops talking but because he is effectively unkillable. No matter what you do to the Merc with a Mouth, he will quite literally “respawn”. Decapitate him, he will regenerate; tear his body in half, and he will regenerate, thus, making him impossible to get rid of. In one of the comic’s storylines, Deadpool regenerated from a single drop of his blood, so yeah, he’s unkillable. However, does being unkillable mean he is immortal? Well, in this article, find out if Deadpool is immortal or not!

Where Does Deadpool’s Healing Power Come From?

Deadpool in Comics
Image Courtesy: Marvel Fandom

Those of us who have watched Deadpool (2016) already know that Wade Wilson was suffering from Cancer. Using his illness, he was lured into being a test subject for the Weapon X program where he got his regenerative powers. However, do you know where the serum that was injected into him came from?

The serum injected into Wade’s body was sourced from Wolverine in the comic books. Due to this very factor, Deadpool has regenerative abilities as Wolverine does. However, there’s a twist to that. Since Wade already had Cancer, the serum mutated his cancer cells.

Paired with the regenerative properties of his Cancer, the serum gave Deadpool a healing factor way stronger than that of Wolverine. Now, you might say, “In that case, Wolverine should be immortal as well?” I’m sorry to be the one telling you this but Wolverine will die and Deadpool won’t.

In Wolverine’s case, his mutation is natural and will deteriorate over time with age, incredibly slowly, but it will. If you remember X-Men Origins: Wolverine, Logan was given Adamantium bones as a part of a military experiment. Yes, that gave him badass claws, but with time, it also gave him Adamantium poisoning. This was first shown in the Old Man Logan comic run, which was also the inspiration for the 2017 movie Logan.

So, in short, Wolverine will eventually fall prey to old age and Adamantium poisoning, thus, causing his death at the end. It’s natural to feel that it should be the same for Deadpool? Yes, it was, unless a familiar character from the MCU changed that as well, which we have explained below.

Yes, Deadpool is Immortal in the MCU

Deadpool and Death
Image Courtesy: Marvel Fandom

When the experiment conducted on Wade gave him superhuman healing, he became unkillable but was not immune to old age. However, that changed after some time due to the most unimaginable thing possible. So, Deadpool is immortal because he has a curse from Thanos, granting him eternal life. He was given this curse because of a, well, love triangle. Yes, you heard that right.

In Deadpool: Funeral For A Freak (Deadpool vol. 1 #64), we got to know that Thanos is in love with the female embodiment of death in the MCU called “Death”. However, There’s a twist to that. Death loves Deadpool, and he loves her too.

So, to make sure that Death and Deadpool could never see each other, out of pure jealousy, Thanos cursed Deadpool to eternal life. I know this sounds like a fever dream, but it is what it is. So, there’s the answer to your question, yes, Deadpool is immortal in Marvel Comics, and we hope that the MCU keeps it the same.

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