20 Cool Discord Easter Eggs You Should Try Out

Discord is the one-stop destination for gamers who wish to communicate while playing their favorite titles. The gaming chat app includes a ton of cool features like the ability to watch YouTube videos together with friends, install themes, make stickers in Discord, and more. With so much to do, Discord developers have hidden quirky features and easter eggs within the app in hopes to surprise users when they stumble upon them. Now, if you found a Discord easter egg and want to read about more or are simply curious if Discord has other hidden features, you have come to the right place. Ranging from simple rickrolls to honoring nostalgic games, Discord has baked funny and cool easter eggs into its messaging app over the years. So without further ado, let’s check out the easter eggs that we discovered.

Best Hidden Discord Easter Eggs (2022)

In this guide, we have included easter eggs that are working, and you can try them yourself in Discord right now. Also, towards the end, we describe easter eggs that were once available but have since been retired. Use the table below to explore some of the coolest Discord easter eggs.

1. Discordo

Did you know you can add a cute startup sound to the Discord app on your computer? Well, you can hear the “Discordo” sound effect every time you open the app using this easter egg.

How to enable the Discordo startup sound, you ask? You simply need to open the chat app and click the Discord logo at the top left 16 times in quick succession. You will then hear the “Discordo” sound effect. Now, close Discord and reopen it to hear the startup sound.

You can disable the sound effect by clicking the Discord logo 16 times once again. As a confirmation, you will hear the same sound as when you leave a voice channel. This easter egg only works on Discord’s desktop and web apps.

2. Copy Username Tag

In the form of an easter egg, Discord has decided to reward your clicking skills. Yeah, when you click to copy your username (or gamer tag) in Discord, the app shows a “Copied” prompt. Now, if you keep clicking to copy your username multiple times, the prompt starts to update, and that’s where the fun is.

To find this easter egg, open the app, and tap on your username at the bottom left. Then, in the pop-up that opens, tap on your username multiple times. As shown in the GIF below, you will see the messages in the following order on copying the username:

  • Copied!
  • Double Copy!
  • Triple Copy!
  • Dominating!!
  • Rampage!!
  • Mega Copy!!
  • Unstoppable!!
  • Wicked Sick!!
  • Monster Copy!!!
  • GODLIKE!!!

3. Error 404/ SNEK Game

The ever-popular Snake game has found its way into Discord’s list of easter eggs as well. If you access a page on Discord’s website that’s no longer accessible, you will see the “Wrong Turn?” 404 error page. This error page includes a 404 ramen shop, where you need to tap on the snake sign to the right of the shop to open the Discord SNEK game.

You can then use the arrow keys on your keyboard to control the snake and play the game. Alternatively, you can access the SNEK game by pressing the following keys on the error page – up, up, down, down, left, right, left, right, B, A (Konami Cheat Code).


4. Akuma Raging Demon

If you have ever played Street Fighter, you would have heard the name Akuma. Discord brings a fun little easter egg to its app to honor the character’s first Ultra Combo attack – Raging Demon.

To access this, you first need to open the keyboard shortcuts panel by pressing “Ctrl+/” or “Cmd+/”. Then, you need to input the following sequence –

H, H, right arrow, N, K

Once you do that, the keyboard shortcuts screen will flicker, and you will see an animation similar to Akuma’s Raging Demon attack on the screen. It will end with a Chinese character that reads “Sky” or “Heaven”.

5. AMOLED Dark Theme (Mobile)

This is the single mobile-only Discord easter egg on this list, and it’s quite helpful. If you use the Discord mobile app, you would know that it supports two themes — light and dark. But the dark theme isn’t actually dark, but instead paints the app in a grey shade. Well, using this workaround, you can enable a pitch dark theme in Discord’s mobile app and save precious battery juice. Here’s how it works:

1. Open the Discord Android app and tap on your profile picture in the bottom navigation bar. Then, scroll down to open the “Appearance” settings. Here, you need to tap on “Dark” 10 times to make the new AMOLED theme option appear.

2. Next, your Discord theme will automatically turn to AMOLED mode. And you will also see a new “Experimental” AMOLED Mode toggle on the settings page. You can now enable or disable this feature at your will.

Note: This easter egg only works on the Android app. We followed the same steps on the iPhone app, but it did not reveal the AMOLED mode option.

6. Discord Dance Revolution

Remember the game Dance Dance Revolution? Discord gives a nod to this popular game by including musical note arrow keys similar to Dance Dance Revolution on the keyboard shortcuts page.

Simply use the shortcut “Ctrl+/” on Windows or “Cmd+/” on Mac to open the keyboard shortcuts page. Here, you can now press any of the four arrow keys to play musical notes within Discord. Check out a demo in the video below:

7. Take b1nzy to Space

Discord not only has easter eggs hidden within its app but has taken the memes to its documentation as well. If you are interested in how to make a Discord bot and access APIs, you would have visited the Discord developer portal. However, you would have never seen the hidden cat going to space in a rocket ship easter egg.

To reach the page where the easter egg resides, you simply need to follow this link to access the “Rate Limits” documentation. Then, scroll down to this sentence — “Note that normal route rate-limiting headers will also be sent in this response. The rate-limiting response will look something like the following:” Here, click the blue “colon” link to access the “Take b1nzy to Space” website.

This fun-looking website shows off a cat in a rocket ship traveling to space with loud music playing in the background. You can switch the songs, toggle Nyan cat mode, or use meow mode (click multiple times) to experience something exciting.

8. Wumpus Nitro Confetti

The ability to buy Discord Nitro and unlock new features certainly is a cause for celebration. But there’s an easter egg hidden here. When someone boosts a Discord server, you see a message reading, “[name] boosted the server” in the chat.

This message is then accompanied by the Nitro crystal icon, which shoots out confetti when you hover your cursor over it. Now, if you keep rubbing the crystal with your cursor, Discord’s mascot Wumpus will show up to be a part of the celebration. It appears from one of the four corners and throw some confetti. Pretty cool, right?

9. Empathy Banana/ Broken Magnifying Glass

Discord has even baked an easter egg in the “No results found” page of its gaming chat app. When you search for something in a server, it leads to no results with a magnifying glass. However, on rare occasions, Discord displays two different images with a different message instead, and they are:

  • No results found. Empathy banana is here for you.
  • We dropped the magnifying glass. Can you try searching again?

10. Weirdly Long Username

How do you feel about a lifeless chat app judging you for your username? Well, Discord will appear disappointed in you if you choose an absolutely ridiculous and long username, as you can see below. The “Edit” button next to your username in the settings will turn into the disapproval emote.

11. Humans.txt

Unlike the robots.txt file that tells web crawlers what pages to index, many tech companies like to upload a humans.txt file to their server as well. They use it to hide friendly messages or cryptic code on their website. Discord does the same and uses the file to display the company’s logo in ASCII art form, along with a link to their “About” page.

12. Aggressive Pencil Shake

This is the one Discord easter egg that makes you work hard to experience it. If you open Discord settings, move to the “Profiles” page, and patiently wait for 90 minutes, you will see the pencil next to the “User Profile” tag start shaking. The pencil will shake even more aggressively as time passes.

13. Computer Man

Before we get to rickrolling, Discord developer b1nzy has implemented another fun little easter egg. If you open the printer.discord.com website, it will redirect you to a YouTube video for the song “Computer Man“. It is a reference to an old Canadian kids show called Vid Kids, and the song is oddly catchy.

14. Thanksgiving Turkey Emoji

Since we do not celebrate Thanksgiving in India, there’s no way for us to experience this Discord easter egg. However, if you are in the US (or using a VPN service to connect to US servers), and the time and date of your device are set to Thanksgiving, you will see the emoji icon change to a turkey in Discord. Cool, right?

15. Rick Rolled Discord Tokens

There’s no doubt that a little harmless rickrolling is fun and gets you laughing. But Discord engineers seem to be on a different level as they take rickrolling to new heights. As spotted by a Reddit user, they use “dQw4w9WgXcQ” at the beginning of all encrypted Discord tokens.

What does it represent, you ask? Well, that alphanumeric code in Discord tokens is the ending part of Rick Astley’s “Never Gonna Give You Up” YouTube video link. To test it out, you simply need to type “https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=” and add the “dQw4w9WgXcQ” after “v=” in the link.

16. Dubstep Call Ringtone (Super Rare)

Gamers who use Discord regularly would know the default ringtone that plays when you call someone. Well, there was a dubstep remix version of that ringtone, which had a super rare (~0.1%) chance of occurrence. Some users were lucky enough to encounter this ringtone and upload it to YouTube, so give it a listen. This is one of the many easter eggs that have been removed from the app, and we have listed some more below.

Moreover, Discord also releases new ringtones for special occasions like Halloween, Christmas, and more. You can check out the Halloween 2022 Discord ringtone in the tweet linked here.

17. Light Theme (Flashlight)

Along with the pitch dark AMOLED theme, the Discord Android app also included a light theme easter egg back in the day. You simply had to tap on the “Light” theme option six times to be flashbanged by the app.

Upon doing this, the whole screen went white, the flashlight turned on, and a message saying “When Light theme isn’t enough!” showed up on the screen.

18. Mario Question Mark/ Green Bubbles

The Discord website has gone through several revamps over the years. But in its initial days, the website included a couple of easter eggs to satiate the gamer inside us. First up, the home page had a “?” box from Mario, which upon clicking made the coin and dispensed items like coins, Super stars, and more from the game franchise. Also, there was a beaker with a green liquid, which upon clicking showed green bubbles.

While these easter eggs have been removed, you can experience them using this link to an archived version of the Discord home page from 2019. Here’s a video for your reference:

19. This Insanity

Nobody likes a flood of notifications. And well, Discord wanted to remind users just that with this easter egg. On the notification settings page in your Discord server for Minecraft, Fortnite, or any other game, Discord had a warning that read – “We highly recommend setting this to only @mentions for a public Discord to avoid this insanity.” Here, “this insanity” was linked to a YouTube video with an iPhone getting a flood of notifications.

This easter egg has now been removed as the original video linked to “this insanity” was taken down and no longer exists on YouTube.

20. Discord Threads Rick Roll

Last but not least, we have another rickroll easter egg from the folks over at Discord. And well, this one had a rather public and successful execution. The company shared an official link dis.gd/threads, which upon clicking redirected to Rick Astley’s Never Gonna Give You Up YouTube video.

This easter egg has since been discontinued, and the link only shows “Not Found” when opened. However, you can use this archive link to access the Discord Threads webpage that rickrolls you.

The Ultimate List of Discord Easter Eggs

So yeah, there are all the interesting easter eggs we could find in Discord at the moment. The gaming chat app regularly updates the app to add quirky hidden easter eggs or remove them over time. In the list above, the Discordo app startup sound and frequent rickrolling are my favorites. Which of these easter eggs do you like? Were you aware of them already? Also, did we miss out on any funny easter eggs here? If so, do let us know in the comments below.

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