How to Change Faces in Content Warning

In Short
  • Besides all the spooky video recording in Content Warning, players can change their in-game faces easily.
  • Simply head over to the TV console in the squad house and interact with it to do so.
  • Players can even choose from different elements like colors, text combinations, and orientations.

Content Warning is one game that, while starting out as an April Fools’ prank, has quickly climbed to the top of the Steam charts. Besides uploading videos to Spooktube and having silly fun, a big element of the game is the faces you don to show your squad. However, for players new to the game, it can be confusing how to go about changing faces in Content Warning. Fear not, as we make it simple for you with our handy guide. So, with that, let’s begin!

How to Change Faces in Content Warning

Thankfully, changing Faces in Content Warning is extremely simple. Players spawn in the squad house on the second floor. The face console is just on a TV just to your right when spawning. Simply interact with it to begin changing faces. Let’s be more specific with the steps below:

  • Walk up to the TV screen and press Interact (E) on your keyboard.
  • You will now be met with a variety of options. You can change your face color, name, and even its orientation. Start by choosing your desired color from the options on the left.
  • Now press Backspace on your keyboard and type out a maximum of three characters or numbers. The game supports a variety of combinations so feel free to go crazy.
  • Finally, orient your text using the arrows and the zoom level.
  • Now click on Apply, and you’re all done!
  • Press interact content warning
  • Content Warning Choose Color
  • Type out text content warning
  • Change orientation and apply content warning

Cool Custom Faces in Content Warning

Besides adding “666” on your character’s face, you might be fishing for some cool custom face ideas in the game. While I can’t read your mind, allow me to recommend some of my favorite custom faces in Content Warning.

  • Confused Face Content Warning
  • Crying face content warning
  • Smiling Face Content Warning
  • Starred Face Content Warning
  • Smiling Face Content Warning
  • UwU
  • 0_o
  • T_T
  • ;-;
  • xD
  • ^-^
  • 😛
  • *_*
  • :3
  • :*
  • >.<
  • :”/

And that’s how you can change your faces in Content Warning. Besides the combinations above, the game supports a variety of different choices. So, let your imagination run wild. So, what face do you have in Content Warning? Drop your choices in the comments below!

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